Weekend Elf Mischief!

11/29/2010 07:14:00 AM

This weekend has been a tough one.  All 4 kids are sick.  We are down to just coughing and sneezing and sniffling...but Friday and Saturday there were also fevers and 1 throwing up.  It was an exhausting weekend.  We still managed to record some memories, though!

We got our tree up - and all the other decorations around the house.  I am planning on writing a blog post and showing you some of my favorites.  :)  We almost went and bought a new tree, though.  I LOVE my pre- lit tree.  Really, I do.  It's beautiful and all of the lights are perfectly placed.  It helps, though, if they all work.  Jerry and I spent the majority of the Steeler game trying to find the burnt out light that was preventing a section of our pre - lit tree from lighting up.  We never found it...can you tell?

Now...on to what Tinsel and Holly were up to this weekend.  Saturday night they found all of my nail polish and decided to paint some nails...

Jerry's painted nails
Nate's painted nails

The one thing I learned from Saturday night's elf mischief was that Nate does NOT like his nails painted.  He bugged me all morning to take it off until I finally got my cotton balls and nail polish remover and got it off for him. 

Last night, the elves decided that they wanted to play with Nate and Danika's blocks. 

Holly in her "Palace"

Tinsel in his "Castle"
Nate and Danika ran downstairs by themselves while I tried to get 15 more minutes of sleep . . . when they came upstairs, I asked Nate what the elves did.  He told me that Holly built a Palace and Tinsel built a Castle.  When I asked him why one was a Palace and the other a Castle he said, "Come on, Mom.  Princesses live in palaces and princes live in castles.  Duh."

So now I know...

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