Day 16: Someone or something you definitely could live without.

11/15/2010 07:42:00 PM

I love gossip.

I can't imagine that feeling of being out of the loop all the time.  Jerry stopped using Facebook about a year ago.  Just stopped cold turkey.  Canceled his account.  Now ~ he checks my Facebook every once in a while...and of course, I tell him what so-and-so posted as their status or ask him if he heard about this or that.  I can't imagine not having Facebook to keep me up on what is going on with everyone I know, knew and met once at a party.

I hate gossiping, though.  It always makes me feel bad.  It always makes me feel like I did something wrong.  That I did something that someone is going to get mad at me for or that someone will say they heard it from me.  I hate the feeling I get when I see someone that I gossiped about.  I hate the feeling I get right after I say something that I immediately know I shouldn't have said.  I hate gossiping.

So ~ I could live without gossiping.  In fact, I've been trying REALLY hard to not gossip.  I'm going to keep trying to not gossip so that I don't have that feeling in my gut again.  

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