Meet Tinsel and Holly

11/26/2010 06:24:00 AM

I'm not sure how I came across it the first time exactly...but you may remember this post where Nate and Danika asked if we could have some elves visit us for Christmas.  Well...Tinsel and Holly arrived on Thanksgiving morning!  The kids were super excited and have had them with them since then...except at night when they have to put them to "bed" so that they can explore the house at night while the kiddos sleep.

Last night, after an exhausting Thanksgiving...which could be another blog post entirely..., we put Tinsel and Holly back in their sleeping bags and in their bed.  We left out some water and crackers.  We sprinkled them with some magic snow and headed to bed.  We didn't hear a thing but just LOOK what we found them doing when we woke up this morning!

We aren't sure where the other animals came from...we are guessing that Tinsel and Holly may have let them in at night.  Nate's reaction was priceless.  He said, "Look, Mommy, they are playing cards!  They found Daddy's poker chips and they are playing cards!  I think these elves may give us a little trouble!"  hehehe   (If he only knew what they have in mind for the days leading up to Christmas!)

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