Aside from the blogs on my blog list, here are some places I visit on a regular basis:  If you have a lot of books laying around and are always buying new ones then check this site out.  You can get rid of books you don't want to hold on to and in turn get books from other members.  It saves a lot of money and only costs the postage for the books you mail.  :)  This is pretty much my go-to site for cooking.  If I'm looking for something I can usually find it here.  Great resource. :  If you are suffering from Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome (CHAOS) like me you can find a ton of helpful and useful info here...I've learned a lot and try to implement most of it - but I think chaos and CHAOS is just part of life at this point.  If you haven't tried this yet I'm not sure you should - it's addictive...really!

Google Reader:  If you don't have a reader for your blogs - and you read more than Blogger blogs - I would suggest using Google Reader.  It's easy to set up...add to...and use.  It's also easy to use on my BlackBerry.  This is a great online organizer.  I use it for my grocery lists - then I can just email the list to my husband or send it to him in a text! I also like that you can set it up to receive notifications for upcoming events (like birthdays and anniversaries).  I get a text a day or two before someone's birthday who I have saved on the calendar.  :)


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