My Kiddos

Nate - Born on November 19, 2005
My eldest son who loves Star Wars, playing any sport, watching hockey with Jerry, 
He is sensitive and probably a bit of a mama's boy because he was my first.
He helped me learn how to be a mommy - especially what NOT to do with the next one.
He fights with his sister all day - but always wants to bring "one for Danika" when we are out and she isn't with us.
My biggest challenge with him these days is getting him to eat new things.
Oh, and he loves talking about farts.


Danika (aka. the Princess) - Born January 27, 2007
My only daughter who loves all things Pink and Princess.  She's also been on a Dora and Diego kick as of late and is starting to be a little bit more interested in Baby Dolls (especially the ones that make noise and such that my loving in-laws bought her for her birthday!).
She is loud and makes sure that you hear her when she has something to say - even if you can't always understand her you will hear her!
She is always concerned about all of her brothers - she is the first one to tell me if a baby is crying and will wake up and ask where Nate is before opening her eyes.  She makes sure everyone is in the car before we leave for any outing.
She's a little bit more adventureous when it comes to eating but will exclaim, "Ewww....that gross" if she doesn't like the way something looks.
You can get her to do just about anything by telling her she can have chocolate (after all she is MY daughter) and she LOVES cake.


Dean - Born September 4, 2009 (@10:30 am)
Baby A - as they reffered to him until we gave him a name - was a surprise that we now call a blessing.
 He is (so far) the easiest out of my 4 kiddos.  He loves to smile at you and has the biggest, toothless grin that is totally contagious!
He loves Nate and Danika.  He watches them run around and act like maniacs all day long.
He gets really ticked off when he is tired, but other than that rarely cries.
He was born 2lbs bigger than his twin brother - and has stayed at least 2lbs bigger.
Out of all my kiddos - he is my little Italian baby.

David - Born September 4, 2009 (@10:31am)
Baby B was more of a surprise than his brother Baby A!
He is the most ticklish of all my little ones and his laugh is just a riot!
He was my smallest baby - he only weighed 5lbs 15oz when he was born, which is great for a twin...but small for one of our babies.  When the handed him to me I actually said, "I didn't know they came this tiny."
He's pretty easy going and loves to watch his brothers and sister play because they make him laugh.
He is my baby baby - and I've always said he will probably walk all over me for the rest of his life because of it...I know I'm going to have a hard time telling him NO when he gets older.


Jerry - married me June 12, 2004
One of the best things about my husband is that he is 100% guy.  He likes to hunt and fish.  He likes to watch any and all sports.  He likes to eat, drink and be merry.
He doesn't talk much but he does everything he can to make our life the best that he can.  He works hard and is always thinking of his family.  He loves his children.  He loves his wife.  We don't always get along and more often than not he doesn't understand why I get upset but that's what you get when you marry a guy who is 100% guy.  
He is my best friend, my teammate, the love of my life, the one I want to grow old with, the one who makes me smile, the one who makes me laugh and sometimes cry.  He is my soul mate - and we are on this crazy ride together.

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