Feel Like Writing a Post (think - Bad Company)

5/14/2010 05:32:00 AM

This morning I just feel like writing.  It's too bad that a complete thought doesn't stay in my head long enough for me to develop an idea about what to write a stellar blog post about - guess this morning you will just have to settle for some random stream of ... randomness?

Let's start with the haircut - and let me remind you I HATE pictures of me.  Here are 2 versions of my new haircut...a better picture of the straight version and the curly version (in which my husband informed me I look like I came straight out of the move The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler).

This is the straight version

This is the curly version
 I am happy to report that I was able to sort of, kind of, mostly recreate the straight look that my hairstylist did after I showered yesterday!  So, that's all I got on my haircut - probably the last time I'll mention it (until I get it cut again!)

Onward - watched Flash Forward last night and it made me nervous.  Next week is April 29th...well, not really but on the show it is and we will find out if everyones' Flash Forwards come true or if the universe is changed forever.  It's kind of a drama - in case you don't watch.

After watching Flash Forward I...well...it was 10 o'clock and I...WENT TO BED!  Never happens.  NEVER!  The thing is that Dean decided he wanted to wake up at 5:30 am Thursday morning.  I can't complain too much because he had been sleeping since 6:00 pm the night before.  The 5:30 am wake up call wasn't too bad...until about 7:00 pm last night.  I felt like I'd been hit in the head with a frying pan and just couldn't keep my eyes open.  I stayed awake for Flash Forward and then carried my tired butt to bed amidst protest from DH (not a lot - just a "You mean you aren't going to stay up with me to watch Down Periscope for the 25th time since we got married?").  He still needed a little extra time to wind down - he didn't get up at 5:30 am with Dean, though.

When I woke up this morning at 7:00 am, I felt like I slept in.  I felt like the kids let me sleep until at least 9:00 am and almost yelled to Jerry in the shower that he was late for work!  I couldn't believe how I felt!  I can't promise to try for a 10:00 pm bedtime every night - but I'm really going to give it a shot a few times a week.  I actually feel like cleaning today!  Don't really feel like making the grocery list, but it won't be too bad with the e-mealz menu...so I'll suck it up!  

Danika's Francie Pants came in yesterday ~ I think I may have been more excited than she was!  I won a Twitter party contest (the 5M4M UBP10 Twitter Party) and got a $40 gift card for Francie Pants!

I have one little girl, as you probably know if you are a regular blog reader, and I was so excited to be able to order something special for her.  We went to the website and picked out 2 pair.  The ones pictured below and some really cute pink leopard print ones.

Danika in her Francie Pants
I have to tell you, too, that I had AWESOME customer service, too.  Ciaran Blumefeld was the one who contacted me with all the info for the gift card and when I couldn't get it to work she was very patient and understanding and solved the problem for me!  I'll definitely be looking into getting Danika more Francie Pants and getting some for the other little girls in my life as gifts!

Finally - since I feel like being a blogger today, I'm going to join Friday Follow!  I haven't done this in a long time...but I feel like exploring the internet and checking out some new blogs!

Friday Follow

Have a great weekend - the weather is suppose to be a little bit better here this weekend.  I can't wait to get outside again!

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