Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where do I begin?

I had every intention of writing a blog post yesterday.  I had every intention of cleaning up my house and taking my husband out for his birthday last night.  Instead, I spent the day doubled over in pain and praying that it would just go away.  I had the stomach flu like this about 2 years ago.  I had to call my mom to come and sit with the kids because I couldn’t take care of them…and that was just 2 at the time.  Yesterday, I kind of knew I was in pretty bad shape before Jerry left for work…but I was determined that I’d snap out of it.  I didn’t.  I had to call him around noon and beg him to come home and take care of the kids.  He did – he even brought me mint ginger ale and a flower.  :)


I hate being sick.  I know that no one really likes it, but I feel guilty on top of not feeling well.  I feel like I’m making other people do my “job” when I am sick.  I know how much I do – and I know it isn’t easy.  My parents took my “big” kids for the night (something they want to start doing every Friday – which ROCKS!) so we really just had the little ones to deal with and they were really good.  It all worked out and I’m feeling a little better today.


I missed the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon at school yesterday – which I was really bummed out about, but I did get my bag of goodies from the parents (one of my wonderful coworkers dropped it off).  I had fun digging through it.  It was an embroidered bag with a bunch of goodies in it – including a beach towel!  You know, you can NEVER have too many of those!  (especially when you have 4 kids!)


I also got a really cool box of samples in the mail the other day – it was a Sample Showcase from the post office and had a ton of neat things in it.  They sent it to my mother-in-law’s address with my name on it – so she saved it for me!  :)  There were dark chocolate peanut butter cups, Dove Chocolate, Aveeno cream, shampoo, conditioner and face lifting stuff, Splenda, Secret deodorant,  Shower to Shower samples, a Bengay heating pad (LOVE those!), Taster’s Choice packs and Montreal Steak Seasoning!  There were also quite a few coupons in the box.   I really did feel like I got a present in the mail!  Anyone else get one? 


So ~ I’m planning on finding the time somewhere to blog more.  I’m not sure where I’ll find it, but I miss blogging and I miss reading blogs.  I’m actually afraid to check my blog reader and see how much I’ve missed – I think it’s been almost 2 weeks since I really looked at it!  Hope there are still some readers out there and I hope you are all doing well…I’m off to check out what is new with all of you, next!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies, aunts and grandmas!