Day 8: Someone who has made your life hell

11/08/2010 05:47:00 AM

Okay - so I've thought and thought about this question and I am being perfectly honest when I say I can't think of anyone.  Seriously.  I know, lucky me, right?  :)  I mean I initially thought of a few ex-boyfriends but they didn't really make my life hell . . . they just decided that I wasn't the one for them and I'm actually grateful for that.  Of course I could have done without the debt from the $3,000 stereo that I stupidly charged on my charge card because he promised, "Someday your debt will be our debt anyway..." but looking back that was probably more my fault than his.  Probably.

Anyway - so I decided to just share some pictures with you instead of complaining about someone today...because I can't really think of anyone to complain about - I know, lucky me, right?

Here's what happens when your 3-year-old decides she wants to take pictures with your camera.

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