Day 12: Something You Never Get Compliments On

11/12/2010 06:07:00 AM

So...I got my new camera yesterday!  It was an early Christmas present from my Aunt Nancy - she wanted to give it to me in time for Nate's birthday next me about a week to play with it a little bit before the pictures have to count.  It's pretty cool - it's a Kodak EasyShare's some pics I took with it:

I still have to get use to it and play with the features a little bit more - but it does take better pictures than the old Casio I was using.  :)

Thinking about today's "Truth" actually made me smile.  I'm sure I'm missing something but every time I tried to think of something a time when someone complimented me on it popped into my head.

I was going to say no one ever compliments me on a nice, clean house - but my mom actually noticed it was all straightened up the other day and told me how nice it looked.

I was going to say no one ever compliments me on the way I look - but Jerry always tells me how beautiful I am and (in case you think he shouldn't count) my brother-in-law mentioned that I looked like I was losing some weight and looked good the other day!

I was going to say that no one ever compliments me on my singing voice (with good reason, too) because Nate has even asked me to stop singing - but Jerry has told me that he loves to listen to me sing to the babies through the baby monitor at night.

I also thought that maybe I could talk about cooking disasters and say that no one ever compliments me on my cooking - but Nate told me that I make the best meatloaf in the whole world the other day, so that's out, too!

I have even been told I'm organized...although it's only because I need to look that way for my own sanity.  I usually don't feel organized.

So...I don't know what I never get compliments on.  Obviously, it isn't anything all that important.  It wouldn't matter if it was, though - because the fact that I hear at least 3 people tell me they love me before I fall asleep and get slobbery, face-smash kisses from the other two to let me know they love me is enough to make up for any of the things other people may not think I do well.  ;)

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