More Elf Mischief and Day 27

11/27/2010 06:39:00 AM

Okay ~ let's get Day 27 out of the way.  I have to admit that the first 2 to 2 1/2 weeks of this was kind of fun.  Now it's getting to be a bit annoying.  I don't think the questions are as good as the first ones - but I'm going to finish.  Only 3 more to go after today!  Whoo Hoo!

Day 27: What’s the best thing going for you right now?

Obviously, my good looks.  Right?  hehehe  Just kidding.  The best thing going for me right now is my marriage.  It's amazing to feel like you are part of a team and know that, even when the other person is ticked off at you, they still love you.  I won't lie...I think marrying Jerry is the best decision I ever made. 

I also know that a lot of the other things I have going for me are because I married Jerry.  I have some awesome kids...if one of them happens to end up with an amazing talent that makes them lots and lots of money and buys me a brand new house, it's because I married Jerry.  I have my Masters because Jerry encouraged me to go back and finish it.  I have just about everything because he works hard to make sure that his family is provided for ~ he even works on Saturdays...which totally stinks but is just the way it is right now.  :(

Now, on to what those sneaky elves did last night...

The picture was taken from my cell phone, so you have to excuse the quality, but look what Tinsel and Holly did last night!!!  Nate and Danika were thrilled to see that they did such an awesome job coloring this Toy Story 3 picture.  :)

We are having a blast with them - Nate said to me this morning, "Look, Mommy, can you believe it?  They colored my picture!"  

In other news - I've decided to quarantine  my family today.  3 out of 4 are coughing and have runny noses.  1 was puking last night.  All of them look exhausted and sound horrible.  So - we are all staying home in hopes of getting better.  It really stinks because I had so many things planned and a few offers for other things to do, too!  The one that has me most bummed out is that I'm going to end up missing my cousin's wife's baby shower.  :(  I don't want to get anyone sick, though and I'm starting to feel a little tickle in my throat, too.  The only good thing I can think of is that maybe this will mean we will all be healthy at Christmas!  

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