Thinking Christmas?!? Already?!?

10/24/2010 07:46:00 PM

 I know it is early ~ it's only *almost* Halloween...but I've been thinking about Christmas already!  After's the 24th only 2 months until CHRISTMAS EVE!

Now, of course, we have already started using the "Santa Card" around here - my husband more than me - HONESTLY!  I was poking around different web sites and decided that I would look into other ways to get my children to behave at Christmas time.  *insert EVIL laugh here*

So I give you ~ ELF MAGIC!

Now ~ I haven't secured my elves, yet...but we did do some primarily work today to ensure that we get some visitors around Thanksgiving!

Nate with his letter to Santa

Danika is REALLY excited - can you tell?

Here is the letter that we sent - we sent 2, the other one is worded similar but for Danika

The letters getting ready to be mailed

I'm super excited about this little "project" and am already starting to collect ideas.  I read somewhere that the elves will decorate the whole house with paper snowflakes while the kids are sleeping or that they have been known to make a mess in the kitchen while baking some cookies overnight.  I've also heard that they like to have snowball fights with cotton balls and forts built out of dixie cups or building blocks.  They sometimes leave presents but they are always reporting back to after Thanksgiving we will be able to say, "You know that your elf is watching!"

Anyone do this already?  Anyone have any other great ideas to share?  I know I'm way ahead of myself but I'm hoping that a little early planning will make this fun and not something extra I have to do over the holidays.

BTW - I don't have elves yet and I wrote this post all by myself with no compensation of any kind...just wanted to be clear on that because I've seen other posts about products and have seen them write something similar.  :)

Stay tuned for the adventures of our elves after Thanksgiving!

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