Again - real life gets in my way! hehehe

10/22/2010 07:50:00 AM

So ~ I have been wanting to post a blog post all week.

Tuesday, I worked and then took the kids to the Good Shepard program at church (it's like CCD for little guys) and then went to my Mommy Group meeting (which was a lot of fun).

Wednesday...I spent most of my time online trying to play around with my layout and looking at graphics and trying to decide if my blog is worth a monetary investment or if I should just leave it as is...I'm still not sure.  Then, I had a quick visit with my grandmother, watched my niece for a while, made dinner and went for a ride to get a cup of coffee with all the kids - we had to get out of the house or I was going to pull my hair out!

Thursday it was back to work and then to my mom and dad's house for dinner.  We spent the evening visiting with my grandmother before she headed back to Florida this morning.  Here are some pics:

The kids had a great time with "Grandma Fran" and I was really glad she made it up here to spend some time with us.  Her visit was too short ~ but it was so nice to see her and give her a big hug!

Today, I'm suppose to go out to lunch with my aunt and my grandfather just called saying that he was going to stop by with something for Jerry.  3 out of the 4 of us that are home are still in our pajamas (myself included). In fact, Dean is only in his real clothes because he had a diaper blow out this foot was not fun.  I gave him a bath before bringing him downstairs.

So ~ my real life is once again preventing me from spending the time I want to on blogging and reading blogs. I'm guessing that is what is suppose to happen because people always ask me how I find the time to blog.  I guess I really don't have the time...but don't worry - I'm not giving up, yet!  :)

Oh - btw...I do have dinner in the Crockpot as we speak.  So, I'm slightly ahead of the game!

Happy Friday!

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