Early to Rise

10/27/2010 06:33:00 AM

Last night I went to bed at 9:30.  I am usually not one of those people who go to bed early but I've been extra tired these days (no - I'm not pregnant...I just have 4 small children) so I decided that calling it a night early wasn't going to hurt anything.  I knew that chances were that I wouldn't do anything productive from 9:30 - 12:00, so some extra sleep would be the best thing.  

I'm so glad I decided to do that...because it's really coming in handy now!

For some unknown reason - because even if I took a guess as to why I would probably be wrong - all the kids woke up an hour early this morning.  It's okay, though...I was ready for it!  Now, I didn't bounce out of bed...in fact, I will admit that I turned the baby monitor off and tried to make a deal with myself that if they didn't quiet down in 3 minutes I would go get them.  In less than that time, though, I rolled out of bed and brought everyone downstairs.  I made bottles.  I made coffee.  I made chocolate milks.  I made (with the help of Aunt Jemima) flapjacks.  I got Nate dressed for school.  Gave Jerry a kiss as he headed out the door and sat down in front of the computer with my timer. 

I've taken to timing myself so that I don't spend all morning on-line.  I give myself 1 hour...the kids usually give me less.  I have 18 minutes and 45 seconds left....and the natives are getting restless.  :)

It will be nice, though, to get off the computer with a morning left to work with.  I'm making a list and bringing my timer with me.  I have big plans to tackle some major laundry and cleaning projects.  We are planning on carving pumpkins tonight and I'm hoping to get some decluttering done, too.  It's a tall order but that extra 2 and 1/2 hours of sleep have me raring to go this morning.  

So - hopefully, I will have pumpkins to show you tomorrow and a nice clean house to relax in...hey, a girl can dream, right?  :)

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