Day 30 ~ Thank goodness that's over! hehehe

12/01/2010 06:20:00 AM

Day 30: A letter to yourself: tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

I have said from some of the very first "Truths" that I don't like to talk about myself too much.  However ~ this is the LAST one of these.  I'm all for moving on to posts about Christmas and Christmasy things.  :)  We even have a little snow on the ground this morning!  Nothing like the white stuff to put you in a winter/holiday mood!

Okay ~ here's my letter.

Dear Janene,

     Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mom.  It's amazing how much you love them and have enough love to share with all 4 of them!  I know that you were worried about treating them all the same but you do.  They are also really lucky to have a mom that realized early on that this is their childhood and you have to make it special.  It's up to you to make sure that they have great memories.  By creating special memories with them now and showing them how magical and wonderful everyday can be, you are helping them to cherish what is important.  Hopefully, they will continue some of their favorite traditions with their own families someday - but at least they will hopefully enjoy life when they are older, too.  

     Your husband is also really lucky to have you as his wife.  You aren't perfect and you definitely have some things that you could do better but you are willing to learn.  You want to make him happy and you try really hard to do just that.  You aren't the best cook - but he never really goes hungry (except on those days when you underestimated how much the kids were going to like your dinner...good thing there are almost always leftovers of what they didn't like the night before for him to heat up).  You understand that marriage is a team effort and that you have to work with each other to make it work.  He's lucky that he doesn't have a wife who is always complaining about what's wrong - but usually looks at what is right...sometimes more than he does.  You balance each other perfectly.

     Finally, the fact that you are so very nostalgic and sentimental makes you such an amazing person to know.  We will undoubtedly be breaking out Bing Crosby's White Christmas in the upcoming weeks because it reminds you of your Nunni at Christmas.  Jerry will fall asleep on the couch while we watch it...but you will wake him up at the very end to snuggle when it finally starts to snow.  We will also be watching Emmet Otter because it reminds you of your childhood.  You will probably force your husband to turn the TV off one night and listen to Christmas music with only the tree and other Christmas lights on and a nice cup of Hot Chocolate.  You will be planning your trip to the beach months before you actually go this summer because it is the beach you remember going to when you were little and you will want your kids to have the same kind of experiences you had...because those are the good memories that you have from your childhood, thanks to your amazing parents.  

Stay the way you are - and don't try too hard to become perfect because you are doing an awesome job at perfecting the art of imperfection.  :)


PS - Now that this is written...I kind of don't want anyone to read it.  I did say that I was going to do this, though.  I will be reading EVERY question from now on if I ever decide to do something like this again.   

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