Oh, those Elves

12/22/2010 07:51:00 AM

We are quickly approaching the day when Santa will be by to pick up Tinsel and Holly.  Thank goodness he will also be leaving some presents because my kiddos are gonna miss those elves!  Every morning since they arrived I have heard, "Let's go see what the elves did last night!" before my eyes even open!  :)

Here's what they have been up to lately.

Campfire with other toys

Sleeping in the tent

Chillin' in the freezer because it "feels like home"

They traced each other and colored the pictures

Hanging new ornaments on the tree

Lincoln Logs - Holly read the blueprints

Tinsel built the house

Bearing gifts

Parade with Matchbox Cars

Post it notes!

More Post its!
They also watched Christmas Vacation one night with all of the stuffed animals - and ate popcorn!  They had a snowball fight with some marshmallows and cotton balls, too!  I was in the hospital those nights so didn't get to snap a picture.

Sorry the pics aren't great quality...I keep forgetting to use my camera!  :)

We are off to see Christmas Lights tonight - I'm hoping that will help me get more in the Christmas mood!

It's coming - ready or not!  hehehehehe

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