Some Ornaments - and their stories

12/02/2010 07:42:00 PM

I love Christmas - I know there are probably some people that don't for one reason or another...but I am just a big kid when it comes to putting up decorations and looking at Christmas lights.  I am a sucker for Christmas traditions and for sharing stories of  "Remember Whens" of Christmases past.  I also love when you catch yourself making a memory that you know will be a "Remember When" the following year.  :)

All that being said, I wanted to start some Christmas posts and share some of the ornaments that hang on my tree.  These are some of my favorites and MOST of them have a story connected to them.

 I use to work with a woman who swore that their came a time in every woman's life when she realized that she needed to get out of her mother's house so that she could do things her way.  She use to tell me a story about a stool in her kitchen that she would put in one place and her mother would move to another every time she entered the kitchen.  They spent months moving this stool, until the daughter moved out and was able to do what she wanted with her own furniture.

I thought she was crazy until the Christmas my mother insisted that we put all white lights on the tree.  I LOVE tacky Christmas decorations.  I love lots and lots of color.  I'm not into the whole ribbons thing - give me colorful, sparkling garland.  I don't like pearls on trees or one color of ornaments.  Now - if you decorate that way, please don't be offended.  If you like it then it is perfect for your house.  I would probably think it looks beautiful, too, because it fits in with your decor.

The year my mother decided to put beads, ribbons and white lights on our Christmas tree, I protested.  I refused to help her decorate and I stuck this ET ornament front and center on her otherwise white and maroon tree.  She made sure that I took it with me when I moved out and I make sure she sees it front and center on my tree EVERY year!

 The two ornaments above also came with me when I moved out of my parents' house.  They are both ornaments that I remember hanging on our Christmas tree for as far back as I can remember.  They are from my Grandparents - one has my initial on it and the other has a handwritten message from "Grandma Fran".  I smile and think of her every year when I hang that one on the tree.

This ornament doesn't have a GREAT story behind it, but I LOVE the ornament.  Funny thing is, I almost threw it away!  It was attached to a gift bag I got from one of my students when I taught Kindergarten.  I didn't see it attached to the bag and I almost pitched it...I'm so glad I didn't because I've never seen anything like it anywhere.

 This ornament was given to me by my Kindergarten teacher the year I was teaching Kindergarten.  The school I went to had a Craft Show every year.  They continued to have them while I was teaching there.  My Kindergarten teacher "Miss Stillwagon" bought this ornament and had it personalized then hung it on the little Christmas tree I had in my classroom.  It was such an awesome surprise when I got to school on Monday!  :)

 This ornament has no story...but isn't it cute?  hehehe  I told you I like "gaudy" Christmas stuff!

 I got this ornament from a student I taught in Preschool.  I LOVE this ornament because it reminds me that teaching is what I was meant to do.  I also think it is absolutely precious!

 Go ahead...count them...there are 6.  The snowbell bride and groom came from my cousin the year Jerry and I got married.  Then, she sent me the little snowbell boy for Nate when he was born.  Well...I just had to keep getting them ~ so I ran out and made sure I had a snowbell girl for Danika and then bought 2 snowbell boys last year for the twins!

 Last one for tonight...I know what you are's pretty dingy looking, isn't it?  It's also super fragile and if I break it I will cry.  It is on one of the highest branches of our tree - even though it isn't heavy at all because I don't want any of the kids to touch it.

My great grandmother bought me an entire set of these.  There were 12 and this is the only one left.  When I was little, we would drive to the mall on Saturdays.  On the way to the mall was a Pool City and once they got their Christmas stuff out, we would always stop to look.  I don't know why - probably because I was a lot like my daughter and like all things pink, but I wanted these ornaments and she bought them for me.  This is the last one left.  All the other ones have broken.  I should probably put it away or something so this one doesn't break, too...but I like looking at it and thinking of my Gram.  It's one of those "Remember Whens".

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