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12/20/2010 07:58:00 AM

This has been (and continues to be) one of the worst weeks of my life so far.  I'm overflowing with Mommy Guilt and feeling really really helpless.  I'm also almost out of patience and just about ready to call it quits.  Isn't it funny how God knows exactly how far you can go sometimes?  I think He gave Jerry and I about all we can handle this week - and showed us that sometimes you just have NO choice but to stop everything and take care of that which is most important.  Confused?  Well ~ if you are just a blog reader and not a member of my family or a friend then you are probably REALLY confused.  So, let me fill you in.

Monday was a pretty crazy day.  Nate went to school and I did some stuff around the house but never felt like I got much accomplished.  I did make 14 dozen Chocolate Crinkle cookies, though.  :)  They were pretty yummy.

Monday night I was exhausted.  I had whipped up something for dinner and decided I would make Nate and Danika some Caesar Salad.  They LOVE Caesar Salad.  I put some black olives in Danika's because she LOVES black olives.  We started watching G-Force and eating dinner.  After dinner I let the babies loose for a little bit because it was getting close to bedtime.  We usually keep them in their "jumpers" or as Jerry calls them, "circles of neglect", while we are busy so they don't get into anything.  Jerry was upstairs sealing their window.  I was in the kitchen doing dishes.  Danika and Nate were still watching G-Force.  The babies were playing in the living room.  I had to pee.  Everything looked calm.  Everyone looked fine.  Everyone looked occupied.  I ran upstairs to the bathroom.  I was up there maybe 45 seconds.  Then I heard the scream - and Jerry running down the steps and more screaming and some "Shit...Shit...Shit"s.

David had stuck his hand into the garbage can and found the black olive can from dinner.  He must have stuck his thumb in and got it stuck.  The result was a big slice on his little thumb and a lot of blood.  We didn't panic as much as I thought we would.  We weren't prepared at all.  We did okay, though.  I took him off of Jerry and put pressure on it.  I told him right away that we were going to have to go to the hospital.  It was bleeding a lot and wasn't stopping.  When I looked at it I knew it wasn't going to stop on it's own.  He needed stitches.    

Jerry called his mom and she came over with his sister.  They stayed with the other kiddos while we took David to the local Urgent Care Center.  There was a lot of screaming and crying and I felt awful, but we left with a tired baby and 7 stitches in his thumb.

Not a great pic - it's from Jerry's phone

So ~ I was exhausted on Tuesday, but went to work and had a pretty good day.  When I got home, things were just normal crazy and not really crazy...so I figured we were good.  Then...around 8 pm...David started running a fever.  It was a long night.   I called the pediatrician the next morning who sent us directly to Children's Hospital, where we stayed for 3 days.  Basically, it was infected.  It required IV antibiotics and they had to take the stitches out.  We were seen by pediatricians, orthopedics and occupational therapy people.  We watched David's favorite movies (which were luckily available On-Demand) 3 or 4 times each.  We left with a giant bag of gauze and tape and saline, antibiotics and all kinds of stuff, along with directions to soak it 2 or 3 times a day.  Poor guy.

What it looked like after stitches came out.

I ended up have to call my doctor for an antibiotic, too.  I had the worst sore throat I've ever had in my life!

When I got home, I just wanted to sleep.  I slept good the first night home.  Then, Nate and Danika got sick.  Danika's diagnosis is Scarlet Fever (which scared the shit out of me until I read more about it) and Nate has severely swollen glands - which make him look SO puffy and sad!  Both of their strep test came back negative for the quick test but were being sent to the lab because the doctor doesn't believe the results.

Long story short (although it's kind of late for that), 3 out of 4 of my children are on antibiotics.  3 out of 4 are pretty cranky and I can't do much more than tell them it will be better soon.  I have to go back to Children's with David on Thursday.  I have to work tomorrow - which I'm REALLY excited about because I need a break.  I am not done with my Christmas shopping.  I do not have my gifts wrapped.  I have insane amounts of things that need done.  I haven't made a list and am extremely overwhelmed thinking about all of it.

However - the women I work with took over and helped me out a ton getting things done at work that wouldn't have gotten done if they weren't so wonderful.  My parents are going to try to wrap the big presents (they were shipped to their house so they already have them).  Our friends brought over some stuffed shells for us to throw in the oven for dinner and we made a ham yesterday that was way too big...so we have some leftovers to work with!

Plus, none of this is really serious...and I thank God for that.  He may have pushed me to the edge with all of this, but I didn't fall over because I know that I am still blessed with 4 kids who are going to be better by Christmas and have a wonderful holiday!

More on my Mommy Guilt in another post - I'm off to write a list.  :)

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