Not REALLY twins...

2/27/2010 05:18:00 AM

I have twins. I have twin boys that will be 6 months old in 5 days (I think it's 5...yeah, it's 5).  It's not easy having twins, but I don't really dwell on it much.  If I sit and think about how difficult having twins is it will just be harder - better to shut up and do what I have to do than sit around and whine about it.  The funny thing is, though, having twins doesn't really feel any different that having 2 babies.  That sounds stupid...let me see if I can explain a little more.

Our twins are fraternal twins.  Which means that they are NOT identical.  In fact, if you could have polar opposite twins we would have those.  Dean (who was the first one born and has always been about 2 pounds bigger than his brother) has a lovely olive complexion, dark eyes and fuzzy dark hair.  David (who was the second one born and my tiniest baby) is very fair skinned, blond hair and blue eyes.  Their builds are completely different.  They just look NOTHING alike!

The difference in appearance makes it easy to tell them apart (wow - truly am Mrs. Obvious today).  So...we don't have that "how do you tell them apart" problem people often have with twins.  Although, I've had people ask me that and tell me they wouldn't be able to tell them apart.  To which I respond, "Really - LOOK AT THEM!!!"  Ugh.

We also had our first two children very close together.  They were 14 months apart.  While that isn't the same thing as having twins, it is taking care of two "babies" at the same time.  I think that prepared us for the twins' arrival and all the work involved.  Seriously, it isn't that difficult...okay, sometimes it is - but day-to-day it isn't that bad and I think that is because we had Nate and Danika so close together.  It got us use to all the craziness.

Shortly after the boys were born Jerry and I had a conversation about how different they looked.  He commented, "Geeze, we can't even get twins right.  They aren't REALLY twins.  They are just like brothers."  Umm...NOOOO.  Trust me they ARE twins.  I should know.  But I get his point.  When we go places, once they are older and it's harder to tell, I bet people won't know they are twins...unless we tell them.

I have mixed emotions about this.  On one hand I'm happy because it will be so much easier for them to develop and maintain their own identity.  On the other hand I feel like they are missing out somehow.  I mean they have a twin brother, but they won't be able to play tricks on people like the girls in The Parent Trap did!  Oh, wait...maybe that is a blessing.  Hmmm...

I was going to move these pictures around to fit neatly in my post - but I'm being summoned to the living room to play yet another round of The Ladybug here are some pics for you to look at!

David and Nate playing on the floor

Dean - happy after his bath with Nate and Danika

Pretty soon we are moving them to their own cribs - I hope they do okay...I think I'll probably cry a little.  *sniff*sniff*

Al Bundy - Seriously, why does he do this?

Just had to take a picture...

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