Dear "Past" Pregnant Self

2/28/2010 08:17:00 AM

Thought I'd participate in the question of the week over at Multiples...and More!

Here's the "question":

If you could go back in time (think: Marty McFly) and have a chat with your pregnant self, what would you say?
For this week's question of the week, write a letter to yourself- your newly expecting, have-no-clue-what-you-were-in-for self.

Funny thing is - I didn't find out I was pregnant with multiples until I was 18 weeks pregnant!  Which was a good and bad thing.  Good because it gave me less time to worry - bad because I had less time to get ready!

Here it goes:

Dear Pregnant Janene,

     First of all, relax.  I know that you weren't planning on having another baby - let alone two more - but you will be okay.  In fact, you will be better than okay and so will the babies!  Jerry will be okay, too.  He doesn't hate you...he loves you and he is totally in love with both those little guys you are growing.  Give him time and he will come around.  You married him because he is a wonderful man - which is why he is a little extra stressed.  He's worried about the same things you are and even more.  He loves you all so much he doesn't want to let you down.  He won't let you down!

   You are going "full-term" so don't get all excited when you start feeling those contractions around 35 still have a full 3 weeks to go.  Don't worry too much about how Nate and Danika are going to react when you bring the babies home - they are going to LOVE them.  They will truly be the best "big" brother and sister to them.

     You are right to assume you won't get any sleep for the first 3 months or so...but you will sleep again.  It won't be a full night but it will be just enough to keep you sane.  You are going to have your hands full - like you haven't heard that one a million times! - but you are also going to have more reasons to smile and laugh (and cry - both happy and fearful tears).  Remember, you were blessed with these babies for a reason - you CAN handle it.

     Don't stress out about nursing too much either.  You will do great for about 6 weeks - then your body will just quit on you.  6 weeks is great - considering how busy/tired/crazy you are these days.  You can give your babies formula - it will help your sanity...but you will feel guilt about it.  You'll feel guilt when you first quit and then again every once in a while when you realize you will never nurse another baby...but that is something you have to stop doing.  Focus on the NOW and enjoy the NOW - don't be sad about change.  I know that you are making a conscious effort to pay extra close attention to the details because this is your last go around at being pregnant.  Keep doing it - you'll look back fondly at all those memories.

In closing - chill out, Janene.  Enjoy the ride.  It isn't going to slow down and before you know it you will be where I am...mother of 4 - wishing I could go back 6 months to the day those little guys were born!

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