And now for something . . . different

2/07/2010 09:43:00 PM

I'm trying out a new layout. I'm just giving it a test run - but if you are a reader please let me know what you think. I'm not really a computer person but I can hold my own on simple things. I had a web design class in college (in like 1996) where we worked in groups to develop a web page and I got stuck with a girl who knew what she was doing and basically did most of our project. I think I learned how to change the color and add a link (maybe) and that's about all I know about designing a web page. I'm going to "tweak" it a little over the next few days. I could NEVER have done the layout on my own...and silly me NEVER thought that there were other free layouts out there. I'm not sure why I didn't think about it, but I never did. Sooo....when I was looking around a little I came across this site: BloggerStyles and I have enough computer knowledge to download, copy and paste...

My next trick is going to be seeing if I can figure out how to get some "widgets" on there. Like my Google Reader and Links for my Facebook page...*hint* *hint* to anyone who may actually know how to do that - HELP!!!

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