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2/15/2010 07:45:00 AM

It was just one of those weekends...everyone was sick and we had a lot of stuff to take care of this weekend.  Not a lot of places to go...but a lot of stuff to do.  One of the big things that needed done was digging out Jerry's car.  We dug the van out the day we got the big snow.  We didn't dig out Jerry's car.  I figured I wasn't going anywhere, he could just take the van and I'd hang out at home with the kiddos.  I do have to go to work tomorrow, though.  So, we need both vehicles dug out.  Jerry dug it out yesterday....took him a little under an hour.  When he came in he looked at me and said, "I wonder how many pounds of snow I've shoveled?"  Without skipping a beat I responded, "I wonder how many gallons of snot I've sucked out of noses?"  That about sums up the last few days.  :) 

It was a good weekend, though.

We are continuing to have great Potty Success (if you haven't seen this video of Danika's hysterical!).  The only accident was one when she fell asleep on the couch - can't blame her there.  She even kept her Pull-Up dry at Nana and Pap Pap's house yesterday! 

Speaking of yesterday...I actually put real clothes on (make-up and everything) and went out with Jerry.  We went to the mall for a little bit and ate at Chili's.  I had their Quesadilla Explosion Salad and it was awesome.  I also had a few adult beverages - and they were yummy, too.  Which is probably part of the reason we headed to Best Buy next and made a few bigger purchases.  The one I'm really excited about is this:

I've been complaining about not being able to print from my laptop for probably 6 months.  Our desktop (which finally bit the dust) took forever to load any program and even longer to turn on.  One night I ended up not going grocery shopping until 9:00 pm because I couldn't get my grocery list to print.  No more, though!  I also got a new coat (80% off!!!), a new purse and a new pair of sunglasses.  All in all it was a great trip.

I just have to add these pics on to the end of the post - I think Matchbox cars lined up in a row by little hands are just adorable...Cars Matchbox cars are even cuter.

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