Dutch Ovens - and cool new blog

2/11/2010 05:30:00 AM

I'm jumping back into blogging full force these days - maybe it's because of Facebook's new layout (which I'm just not finding myself getting comfortable with) or maybe it's just because I want a little bit more "interaction" with other people.  Not that I get a whole lot of "interaction" but I feel like I've actually talked to someone after reading their blog posts.  I feel like we had a phone conversation or just took a few minutes to catch up.  No matter what the reason, I've been coming across some pretty cool blogs lately.

One of them is Nugglemama' Handful - and she has 5 kids!  That's 1 MORE than me which I find really exciting!  :)

In my exploration of her blog, I found a contest to win one of these.

Now, I don't know where I will put it if I win it, but I really really want it.  I don't know how many recipes I have come across that say to use a dutch oven - especially Food Network ones - and we don't have one.  :(

So - here's the link to Nugglemama's blog & her awesome contest to win a Dutch Oven.  Wish me luck!  (Good luck to you, too!!)

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