Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes (Think David Bowe...but not really)

2/28/2010 08:44:00 PM

I installed a new commenting program (IntenseDebate) that Mama M installed over at My Little Life.

I thought I'd give it a try. 

First, I really want to be able to personally respond to some of the comments I am getting.  I know that, if they are anything like me, people rarely go back to see if someone wrote a response to their comment.  With this program I can send a comment back to you through an email!  I thought that was pretty cool.  I would like if someone emailed me concerning a comment I made on their blog - it would show that they actually read the comment and cared enough to say something back to me.

The second reason I did it was because I wanted to tick my husband off...just a little bit.  :)

You see - I was reading some posts in my Google Reader and came across Mama M's post about IntenseDebate - so I went to check it out.  He saw what I was doing and rolled his eyes at me. 

"Good reason to stay up and be exhausted tomorrow.  I'm going to bed"

This from the guy who spent the last ... like HOUR playing some game called something like Zombies versus Plants or Plants versus Zombies on his laptop?!?

Oh - okay...

Anyway, if you get a minute leave me a comment so I can see how it works and play with it a little bit!  :)

Side note - If you use a blog reader, which one do you use?  I like Google Reader - but mine is getting VERY cluttered and tough to manage...anyone have anything they like better?  If you do use Google Reader, have you installed the "Next" button up on your Bookmark Toolbar?  Do you like it?  I think I do...but it seems very random.  Wait...I sound very random...Maybe hubby had a point - maybe I SHOULD go to bed now!

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