day is shot

3/01/2010 02:04:00 PM

I had big plans today.

Okay, not really big plans but I had a lot of things I wanted to do. I was off to a pretty decent start, too. I had all the blogs read in my Google Reader (which I'm still just not happy with how cluttered it became), I had a load of laundry folded, one in the dryer and one in the washer. I had all children fed, dressed and pretty happy. happened.

It started with a phone call from DH around 11:00.  Something like this:

Him:  "Did you know that deposit check we gave to Comcast cleared?"

Me:  "No.  Maybe that means they will be here sometime this week then?"

Him:  "Maybe I will try to find their number and give them a call later today."

Me:  "Okay, if you can't find it call me and I'll look it up online.  Gotta's crying"

Him: "I'll call you later, love you."

Me:  "Love you, too"

I then went about the rest of my morning - still in my pajamas (which I rarely change out of on a MONDAY).

About 40 minutes later...

Him:  "I called Comcast."

Me:  "Cool, what did they say?"

Him:  "Well, after I got through all the press '1' for this and '2' for that stuff I got an estimated date and time."

Me:  "Okay, when?"

Him:  "Any time between 12 and 4."

Me:  "Today?"

Him:  "Today."

Me:  "Shit."

Now - I only say that because I was (like I said) still in my pajamas.  There were toys EVERYWHERE.  The kitchen was a mess and I didn't dust the TV stand.  Plus, it was, I had no time to waste.

Luckily, my amazing MIL came over and took my 2 "big kids" with her to deliver leftovers from the GIGANTIC, 23 lb turkey she made for dinner last night to Memaw (her mother) and Aunt Mare.  So, I had them out of my hair.

About 10 after 12, the cable guy called and said he'd be here soon.  Of course, right before he got there both babies woke up and needed changed and fed. least he was a pretty nice guy.  He wasn't willing to do too much set up - not that I blame him for not wanting to fool around with my husband's stereo or our wireless router (which had been giving us problems with Verizon).  He was here for about an hour or so and it seems (knock on wood) that everything is working just like it is suppose to be.  Fingers crossed it stays that way!

After he left it took me another 40-45 minutes to get my laptop up and running connected to Comcast - and I even downloaded their FREE Norton!  Yay for free virus protection. it's off to figure out what the heck I had DH buy chicken thighs for the other day when I sent him to the grocery store.  I'm sure it was some recipe I was looking at...I just can't seem to find it.

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