Sunday Night Catch-Up

3/14/2010 08:44:00 PM

I thought that I would use my Sunday post to kind of catch you up on things that happened over the weekend.  Not that anything too exciting happened…but it will also help me to remember later on. 

I find that I use my blog as a way to look back on the things that have happened – because I’m not remembering the little things on my own.  I have my excuses…yes, I’m still exhausted.  But it’s fun now to look back on posts like this one – where I thought I might be pregnant with my 3rd baby…or this one – where I found out I was in fact pregnant with my 3rd AND 4th babies…or even this one – where I can remember taking the kids to the museum for the first (and only) time.  (BTW – I was pregnant with the twins when I climbed through that McDonald’s playground thing…)

So – Friday’s play date was WONDERFUL!  My niece, Angelina, came over, too and it couldn’t have worked out better.  Nate and Elena played together so nice – and then Angelina and Danika were able to play together.  I don’t even think anyone had to sit on the “naughty step” all day!

Saturday, I took Danika to get her first haircut.  Here are the before and after pics :

CIMG1507 CIMG1512

It really isn’t that big a difference, but it is much easier to brush now…the ends were getting really tangled and knotted all the time.

We also got an email from the farm we are doing our CSA with on Saturday.  I’m really excited because it will put a lot less pressure on my husband to do a big garden this year.  He loves to garden – and will probably still plant some stuff, but he won’t need to plant as much…so maybe it will be easier for him to take care of this year.  He always ends up feeling guilty that he can’t give his garden enough attention – we have so many living things to divide our attention among already!

Saturday night, Jerry and I actually got to go out for a few hours.  It was nice – just enough time away to feel like we got a little break.  We were home and I was in bed by 12:00 am.  Yes, that’s late for me…especially considering that we had to turn the clocks ahead last night!  Ugh…

Today, Jerry went to the grocery store for me…with a pretty big order.  I’m amazed that no matter how detailed a list I write, he still ends up buy the wrong things.  I would complain more if I didn’t HATE going grocery shopping.  I’m grateful that he does it and can usually make his mistakes work.  :)

Then we went up to my parents house for a really yummy dinner and for the kids to get to see them a little bit.  Oh – and for Jerry and my dad to get to watch the hockey game together.  (Go Pens!)

All in all – it was a calm weekend but a fun one.  I’m exhausted and need to go up to bed NOW!  I have been missing my computer time, though – pathetic, I know…I may have to go see how some of my fellow bloggers spent their weekend before closing my laptop.  Eh – maybe not.  They’ll be in my Google Reader tomorrow, too!

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