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3/07/2010 05:45:00 AM

So ~ Courtney, over at Make Me A Blessing, started using Windows Live Writer and was raving about it.  I decided to give it a try, too…see what all her fuss was about.  I’ll have to play around with it a little bit – but I already like that you can do more with the font and it seems like there is a lot more options. 

I really enjoyed Friday Follow.  However, after the past two Fridays I am drowning in blogs!  I try to follow blogs I will find interesting – and I follow everyone who follows me.  I think I added 10 blogs to my Google Reader on Friday – I’m still not caught up.  I guess I’m going to have to go through and pick the ones I really want to get into and focus on those.  My time is limited – and I feel like I’m all over the place these days!

What do you do?  If you participate in Friday Follow, how do you keep up?  I logged onto my Google Reader after 1 day of not really being able to spend anytime reading and I had over 170 unread posts!  I guess part of my problem is that I like to comment on the blogs that I read – which takes extra time!

The main reason I didn’t get to read many blogs this Friday was that I had my niece, Angelina, here with us for the day.  I wasn’t really worried about her being here – even though she fights with Danika and Danika has a lot of trouble sharing with her.  All three of the “big kids” ended up on our Naughty Step at one point or another…but I do have proof that they can play nice together!


Now, they did manage to get EVERY toy out of EVERY box and container in the house.  They even went down to the basement (aka the “Toy Store” in our house – Nate’s name for it since that’s where we store the overflow of toys) and they played down there.  I have yet to actually clean up the havoc they reeked down there – I just haven’t been getting enough sleep to get up the energy.  For some reason the babies weren’t sleeping well.  Thursday and Friday night they were up at insane hours wanting fed and held.  Last night was better, though, so of course I picked last night to catch up on some TV.

We watch quite a few TV series these days.  We didn’t for the first few years we were married – it was too tough to be tied down to sitting in front of the TV at a certain time of the week.  Because of the beauty of DVR, we are hooked on TV again.  Last night we caught up on episodes of – Spartacus Blood and Sand, Community and Parenthood

Now – Spartacus is bad TV.  Really bad, actually.  So bad that we can’t help but watch it.  I say at least once per episode that we should stop watching it – but I know we won’t.  We are too curious about what will happen to this man turned gladiator who lost everything and has nothing left to live for . . .

Community just rocks!  It started out kind of slow…but man is it awesome now!  I LOVE Joel McHale and in this week’s episode he takes his clothes off!!  I seriously would have never guessed he was so well defined.  Plus, the whole Abed/Troy friendship cracks me up…they are hysterical.

Parenthood was okay.  I think my biggest problem with this pilot was that there was too much drama and not enough comedy.  The movie was a good mix of drama and comedy – this seemed like one problem after another with only one small piece of comic relief (one that was already shown on the preview).  I will keep watching it, though because Peter Krause is a favorite of mine.  I did cry real tears while watching.  When Peter’s character’s wife confronts him about their son, Max, possibly having Aspergers.  Of course, he is in denial and she looks at him and says, “There is something wrong with our baby.  Please, don’t make me go through this alone.”  Max looks to be about 5 or 6 in the show…maybe a little older.  The fact that she used the word baby was probably a major contributing factor to why I was bawling my eyes out.  It reminded me of that Olympics commercial -  

Made me cry EVERY time!

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