Awards? For Me?

3/10/2010 07:21:00 AM

I've actually received 2 blog awards from my fellow bloggers!

I'm honored - really! I think I put off posting about them because I wasn't sure who to send them to myself. I read a lot of blogs and I even comment on a lot of them...I just don't really "know" any of the bloggers very well.  I'm gonna give it a shot, though...

I received this award from B Sparkly

and this one from A New Mom

So - I'm picking only 3 bloggers I know for each award.

I'd like to pass the Lovely Blog Award to ~

Cop Mama

Party of Five

My Tales of Being an Ambitious Gurl

I'd like to pass along the Sunshine Award to ~

What Little Girls are Made Of

The Boob Nazi

Ma Vie Folle

My 100th post is next!  I actually made a list of 100 thinks that make me happy!  I'm probably going to post it right after this one!  :)

Have a great day!

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