I'm not very good at . . .

2/08/2010 08:38:00 PM

For some reason today, while I was cutting Nate's fingernails and toenails, I started thinking about things I'm just not very good at doing. One of those things is remembering to cut my kids' nails. I always seem to remember to do it when someone gets scratched or I notice black dirt building up under Nate or Danika's nails. I manage to cut them all on the same day and then feel better...but why can't I remember to cut them without someone getting a boo boo or looking like they were digging in dirt?

It's probably because another thing I'm not very good at is following a schedule. I'm great at making them - I've even gotten better at making them realistic - but I totally suck at following them. I could blame it on the fact that I have 4 children who are all under 5, but it really started before then. I get distracted. I lose track of time. I don't really have the motivation to be a schedule following person. If I had a schedule then I would know that Monday we cut fingernails and toenails. Tuesday we empty out the fridge because tomorrow is garbage day. Wednesday we change the bedsheets. Thursday we make the grocery list so that Friday we can go grocery shopping. Those are all things I am bad at remembering - all things that need to be done every week (or 2) that I always kick myself over because I'm doing it last minute or a day late. Cleaning out the fridge on Wednesday isn't awful when the weather is like it is now...but in June, July and August?

I really like Super Nanny. Don't laugh. I think that she has really great ideas. We use the Naughty Step with both Nate and Danika and it's been working like a charm. I watch how Jo goes into these homes and helps them get their act together. Now, given the choice I'd probably have to pick the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition guys to visit me over Jo Frost...but if Super Nanny showed up at my door I wouldn't turn her away. The problem is that she wouldn't have to deal with unruly or violent kids...my kids aren't the problem. She would have to teach me how to manage time better, stick to a schedule, not get distracted AND take care of all my kiddos' needs. Eh - my expectations are probably a little bit high...but someday I'll have the perfect schedule. It will look something like this:


  • Monday - Run Vaccum
  • Tuesday - Take out Garbage
  • Wednesday - Change/Make Bed
  • Thursday - Dust
  • Friday - Run Vaccum

  • Monday - Dishes
  • Tuesday - Empty out Fridge
  • Wednesday - Laundry (don't forget sheets)
  • Thursday - Kitchen Floor
  • Friday - Bathroom Floor

  • Monday - Dishes
  • Tuesday - Help Take out Trash
  • Wednesday - Change/Make Beds
  • Thursday - Dishes
  • Friday - Tub

  • Monday - Dust
  • Tuesday - Help Empty Fridge
  • Wednesday - Help with Laundry
  • Thursday - Dishes
  • Friday - Scrub Sink/Toilet

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