Child Labor - someday

2/26/2010 01:19:00 PM

I can't wait until my children are old enough to start doing weekly chores.  Seriously, I am going to give each of them jobs to do...we may even throw in allowances, maybe.  :)  I even started a schedule!

Doesn't Danika look like one of the orphans in Annie in this picture? 
They don't do windows...I asked.  :)

They didn't start playing with that stuff until I started having a cleaning lady come to the house twice a month.

Yes, I have a cleaning lady.

No, I do not have money to "waste" on something like that.

To be honest - it's really NOT that's only twice a month...and it's actually and investment to my peace of mind.

I only have her do the kitchen and the bathroom.  She comes in and does the tub/toilet/sink/floor upstairs and then totally rocks out on my stove/sink/fridge/counter tops/floor in my kitchen.

That's it.  2 hours and $40 bucks later I can give my kiddos a bath in a clean tub and not cringe when they pick up some random piece of food off the kitchen floor and stick it in their mouth.

I'm NOT a neat freak.  I do spot clean in-between visits from the cleaning lady.  I often feel like I'm wasting her time when she is here - not that she makes me feel that way...just my thinking that she could probably be doing a bigger house and spending more time and making more money.

You know what the biggest bonus is?  Promise not to tell him, but I scheduled her to come on Tuesdays while I am at work so that my husband has to have stuff picked up so she can clean.  :)  Plus, that way I come home twice a month to a clean house!

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