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2/10/2010 07:11:00 PM

We've been getting some snow.  Actually, we've been getting a lot of snow (see video).  I normally don't mind the snow.  However, this is getting a little ridiculous.  Plus, I'm told that we are under a Blizzard warning until 4am tomorrow AND it is suppose to snow another 4 inches or so on Saturday.  (I'm hoping that one wasn't really true - semi-reliable source there: facebook)

The snow is a pain in the butt...I won't lie.  But being stuck inside isn't really anything new to me.  I haven't really been able to just pick up and go anywhere for . . . probably close to 7 months.  The last 2 months of my pregnancy, I couldn't take Nate and Danika out anywhere because they aren't the best listeners and I wasn't the fastest pregnant lady on two feet.  It just made me too nervous.  Since the twins were born I haven't been out much, either.  Other than going to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I only really have 2 other times each month that I get out of the house - Book Club at Borders and the Mommy Group I started hanging out with.  I thoroughly enjoy both evenings, but other than that I'm usually home unless I'm at my parents' or Jerry's parents' or sister's house.  I don't even get to do the grocery shopping.  Jerry does that on his way home after I make the list for him...but I'm not a big fan of grocery shopping anyway, so I don't really mind that one.

I guess my point is that everyone is talking about being stir crazy and having cabin fever - I'm fine on that end of it.  I'm actually enjoying it because I'm not stuck at home alone (Jerry didn't go to work on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday!).  It would be nice for him to be off of work and be able to go somewhere - but it's nice to have him home all the same.

It makes me wonder, though.  When will I have the confidence to take all 4 of my children out somewhere?  How old will they have to be for me to be comfortable doing that - will I ever be comfortable doing that?  If I do have somewhere to go, I usually find a way to split my kids up.  I'll take one, leave one with my mom and 2 with Jerry or my MIL.  Will I ever head out of the house with all 4 kids alone and not be headed to my parents' house or Jerry's parents' house?  I guess only time will tell - but I have a sneaking suspicion that the answer is, "Not in the next 3 or 4 years, at least."

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