Terrible Twos Times Two

7/08/2011 07:11:00 AM

We have hit the terrible twos...no, they aren't technically two yet but it was the same with Nate and Danika, too.  I'm convinced that kids actually start the terrible twos somewhere around 18-22 months.

For us, the terrible twos have always been associated with a lot of screaming and crying and getting into things.  With my boys (these 2 and Nate), it also involves making my heart jump up into my throat at least twice a week by being overly adventurous and doing something that "could" have turned out way worse than it did.  For example, today Dean decided to help me unload the dishwasher when I ran into the living room to see why David was crying.  Of course, he wanted to put the knives away...I swear I'm just not on top of things enough some days.  Everyone was fine, though.  All fingers and toes accounted for and still attached.  I'm lucky that these little weekly heart stopping events have always (with the exception of the olive can incident) been without injury.  The screaming and crying, though, that is something that I just don't know how to deal with some days.

It isn't too hard to understand why they seem to scream and cry ALL the time.  The poor guys just can't communicate what they want and that is super frustrating!  Think about it. If you knew that you wanted something, couldn't get it yourself and had NO real way of telling someone, what would you do?  I'm working on paying more attention to what they are trying to tell me but they are both just inconsolable once they get started.  They also have VERY different ways of dealing with their disappointment and frustration.

Dean throws fits.  He actually banged his forehead off of a sidewalk once during one of his fits.  I don't think he will do it again . . . at least not on the sidewalk.  I always have to be extra careful to lay him down somewhere soft (like a carpeted area) when he is flailing around like a mad man.

David cries.  He cries this loud, long, heartbreaking cry.  The worst part about the cry is that it seems to last forever.  I'm convinced that he forgets why he is crying after about a minute and just cries because he feels like crying.

I know that we will get through this.  I know that these days won't last forever.  What I'm trying to focus on these days are the hugs and kisses.  Over the last 2 or 3 weeks, my boys have become little love bugs, too.  I get the biggest hugs and sloppiest kisses from them when they are happy about things.  I also get big smiles when I walk into their room in the morning.  Jerry has actually been getting a lot of  "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" from Dean (which makes me a little jealous, I'll admit it).  :)

I'm hoping that, since the Terrible Two stage started early, this will only last another 6 months or so and that by Christmas (yes, Christmas is 6 months away!) we will be all good.  :)

So - since I hate posting blog posts that don't have pictures....here are some totally unrelated pictures of my new yard...just 2 actually.  A before and an after shot...

We are still waiting for some grass to grow...but we can't wait to use the yard and patio for the twins' REALLY turn 2! (There...didn't I tie it all together nice and neatly!  hehehe)

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