Wonderful to Get Away and Good to be Back

7/06/2011 07:27:00 AM

I doubt my brain is capable of writing a really detailed blog post about our vacation.  In fact, I doubt my brain is capable of doing anything detailed right now.  I can't think straight and I have a million things to do.  Unpacking is 1000 times worse than packing!  I'm planning on making a list and getting started after my hour online and cup of coffee.  :)  Now that Jerry is back to work, things can go back to normal around here.  (Don't get me wrong - I love my husband and I love having him home...but we don't have the same priorities or ideas about how to do things all the time.)

I do want to tell you about our vacation, though...so, I'll do a list.  That way I will "feel" like it's organized even though it's just a bunch of random snippets.

  • The drive down was ok.  Not great because Danika got car sick twice before we stopped at a rest stop to get her Dramamine.  Then, we were about an hour early and the kids were VERY anxious and hard to contain.  Once we got in the house, though, things were better.
  • The house was really nice.  About a 2 minute walk to the beach and enough bedrooms for everyone!  The dining area was the most disappointing because it was a little tight when we all tried sitting down.  So, we ended up eating in shifts a lot.
  • The babies slept WONDERFULLY!  Naps didn't go to well the very first time we tried them but after that, no problems!
  • The kids LOVED the ocean.  They LOVED the boardwalk.  They LOVED spending time with their grandparents and Aunt and cousin all week!
  • Jerry and I got to go out on a "date" during vacation, too!  It was great!  We rode the most intense wooden roller coaster (yes, more intense than the Thunderbolt) I've ever been on at the boardwalk.  Then we headed to Cape May and shopped a little at the cutest little stores.  We finished the night with some appetizers and drinks at The Ugly Mug.
  • All the trips to the beach were a ton of fun and tired the kids out!  
  • Oh - btw, New Jersey drivers are CrAzY!!!
  • The wedding picnic at the Cape May Lighthouse park was a lot of fun - the "big" kids even climbed the  steps of the lighthouse the whole way to the top with Jerry.
  • The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!  It was the first beach wedding I'd ever been to and it was the perfect day with the perfect weather!  Danika and Angelina were flower girls and they were both so excited and absolutely adorable.  :)
  • The ride home could have been worse - the hotel stay was okay but the babies were really antsy.  The pool at the hotel was REALLY cold but the food we ordered in was REALLY yummy!
  • When we got home, we got to see our new yard (on the lot we bought next door)!  All we are waiting for now is some grass to grow!  :)
Here's some of my favorite pictures:



Testing the waters

Angelina in the water

Going on a seashell hunt...

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