10 Day You Challenge ~ {Films}

7/25/2011 07:43:00 AM

Three Films . . . ugh.

I love movies but I'm not really big on having a favorite movie.  I also don't like to watch them over and over again like my husband does.  It's kind of like reading the same book again and again.  There are certain movies that he will watch if he comes across it on TV no matter how many times he's seen it . . . like Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore.

Christmas movies are the exception.  For some reason, I can watch Christmas movies over and over again and not get tired of them.  So, since we are currently watching a Christmas movie in the other room because Nate is once again in love with it (happened last July, too!), I give you, "Janene's Top Three Christmas Movies"

01.  Elf (the one currently being watched in the other room) - We LOVE Elf!!!

02. White Christmas - This one is purely sentimental.  It reminds me of my Nunni and my childhood when Christmas was the most awesome time of year!  :)

03.  Last but not least - Christmas Vacation...it's a tradition and a modern day classic!  hehehe

By the way - 152 days until Christmas!!!

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