Truly beautiful

7/14/2011 06:31:00 AM

When I was little, I always knew that I would get married in my church.  I would actually sit and "pretend" to listen to homilies while I was really imaging myself walking down the aisle in a big, beautiful, white wedding gown.  I'll admit, my vision of the guy standing at the end changed a few times (I needed to practice a little before I got it right - when it was Brad Pitt I was pretty close) but when I did it for real I definitely knew I had the right guy waiting for me as my Dad did his best not to cry while walking me down.

All that being said, if I had it to do all over again I would seriously consider thinking "outside-the-box" for what my dream wedding would be.  I never would have thought I'd want to get married on a beach at 10 am.  I never would have thought that I would want to have a steel drum play my wedding march or have everyone go barefoot and wear shorts and Hawaiian shirts.  

However, that is what my cousin did (it was the MAIN reason we went to Wildwood, NJ for vacation...her wedding in Cape May, NJ) and it was perfect!  I didn't get to see some of it because I was busy chasing the twins around and trying to keep them from running into the surf and getting soaking wet but what I did see was absolutely beautiful.  

Maybe I'll start planning a renewal of vows for our 25 Anniversary or something.  :)

I wish my cousin and her new hubby many, many years of joy and happiness!  I'm a little jealous because they are touring Europe for their honeymoon right now.  Think I can pull off a second honeymoon for my 25th, too?  hehehe

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