10 Day You Challenge ~ {Food}

7/23/2011 07:16:00 AM

I figured out what I wanted to do for five foods this morning.  I figured that I would post 5 of my favorite recipes from Allrecipes.com - so, I went to my Allrecipes recipe box to get started.  I was signed out...which I hate because I have 3 different email addresses and about 5 passwords I use.  So, I began the process of trying to figure out which one I use on Allrecipes.  After getting lost in several stories on Yahoo - the ones about what happened in Norway were horrific, will be saying extra prayers for those families and hugging my little ones closer tonight - I finally figured out my password and user name.  So, here you have my 5 favorite recipes from Allrecipes.com.

01.  Easy Meatloaf - I've been making this for 7 years (I needed a good meatloaf recipe after I got married) and have NEVER had a complaint!

02. Tasty Chicken II - I'm not sure when I first made this . . . but I've made it several times since then.  EVERYONE eats it!  Which I can't say about a lot of other things I make!

03.  World's Best Lasagna - It truly is the world's best but it takes ALL DAY to make.  I've made it twice and both times it was a huge success.  Even my dad told me it was amazing!  It's a great dish for a fall or winter day when it isn't a big deal to have the stove and oven on . . . so, I don't see me whipping this one up anytime soon!

04.  Pumpkin Pancakes - We love pancakes in this house...and I love pumpkin.  :)  They are a perfect fit for us!

05.  Okay - I'm going to cheat a little here...I want to share the recipe for Chocolate Crinkle Cookies that I used for our cookie exchange the past 2 years.  It is SO easy and they come out so yummy!  The kids love them!  So, why is it cheating?  It's not an Allrecipe recipe...guess I could probably find it there but I'm feeling a little lazy this morning and don't feel like looking for it.  After all, I already have it right HERE!  :)

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