10 Day You Challenge ~ {Songs}

7/26/2011 08:12:00 AM

Two songs - I was thinking that maybe I would just put my iPod on random and see what the first two songs that popped up were.  I don't think that would make for a very interesting blog post, though.  So, I decided to write about the two songs that remind me of my Dad every time I hear them.


Everything I Do by Bryan Adams . . . this is the song that was playing when my Dad saw me slow dance with a boy for the first time.  It quickly became "our" song because he swears it would come on the radio when something important was happening with me.  He heard it the day I finally passed my drivers test.  I remember several times in college he would call me and say, "I was just listening to the radio and . . . "


Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion . . . For Father's Day one year I bought my dad a Celine Dion CD.  I know...I know...why would I do that?  Well, I had heard this song and I tried to think of what guy in my life it reminded me of. . . it was my Dad.  I am who I am because he loved me and gave me everything that I needed (and pretty much everything I wanted, too).

This is the song we danced to at my wedding . . . my Dad made it down the aisle without shedding a tear but we both cried as soon as we heard the first few notes of this song.

Gee . . . I think I'm gonna call my Dad now.  Just to say, "Hi" and see how he is.  :)

Stay tuned - next is a picture of me. . . Who knows what that'll be like!

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