I'm not the only one . . .

7/15/2011 07:24:00 AM

Having 4 kids is exhausting.  I swear I am lucky I make it through most days let alone actually accomplish something.  I try to check off at least 3 things on my "to-do" list every day . . . but it doesn't always happen.  Today, I'm going to hopefully work on the bedrooms and the bathroom.  I have to declutter and get the bathroom ready to paint.  If all goes well...we will be priming the bathroom tonight.  :)

After all, I'm doing all the things I've wanted to do for the last 4 years to make the house look better so we can sell it!  hehehe  (Don't worry - I'll still want to move.  We just don't have enough room here.)

Okay, focus Janene...back to the point.

Yesterday, I was at my MIL's house hanging out with my SIL and her 4 kids.  That's 8 little ones (her oldest is 10, I think - I'm a horrible Aunt not knowing for sure) and it is actually a lot less crazy when they are all together than you would think.  They are leaving for their beach vacation this weekend and my SIL still had to pack.  I'll admit, I didn't envy her one bit...but man it did make me feel good to hear her say that she was probably going to wait until today (they are leaving tonight) to do it because she was tired - I just love her!!!  It was almost like someone said, "See...you aren't the only one."

I know I procrastinate.

I know that I make plans that I don't always follow through with.

I know that I should do so much more than I do but I am more often than not just too tired.

If I'm not tired, then one of my babies is preventing me from getting anything done.

Let me use another example from yesterday.  I was trying to make dinner and clean up the kitchen and I actually had a baby stuck to my leg screaming.  David is the first of my babies to actually latch onto my leg and not let go when I walk around.  Yes, think of the ones you see on TV that can't be pried off of their mothers...it is JUST like that.

So, I have a screaming David and am trying to get something done.  My poor husband gets home from getting a CT scan (he whacked his head off our deck...everything is fine) and tells me he will finish up what I'm doing.  "Go sit down and take a load off for a while." he jokes, pointing at David attached to my leg.

The thing is . . . I didn't WANT to take a load off.  I wanted him to take David so I could finish.  I needed a break but didn't want to stop being productive.  So - I took David outside and let him play in the sandbox while I watered the new grass...

Our new lot's grass growing.

 At least I can honestly say now that I'm not the only one this happens to, though.  At least I know that I am not the only one who gets too tired to do the things I should be doing.  I'm sure it will get a little bit easier.  I'm sure that it will also get a lot crazier.  Today is one of those days where I feel like I'm looking for something to grab a hold of because things are moving faster than they should be.

Crazy random post...sorry....I'll end it with 2 really funny things my kiddos said yesterday.

Danika:  Daddy...you have to wait to get the babies.  Mommy's getting dressed and has to put her boobs on.  (she meant my bra)

Nate:  Mommy . . . why does Loch only eat the Pizza Skin?  (about my nephew who was just eating the cheese of his pizza) - it was funny until my SIL told Nate that the bubbles of the pizza by the crust were blisters.  Then I got a little queasy and thought of Pizza the Hut.

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