10 Day You Challenge - {Wants}

7/21/2011 06:48:00 AM

Ha!  This one has perfect timing!

Seven Wants:

01.  I want someone to buy my current house so that I can find and move into a bigger house that we fit better in. We have really really run out of room here!  :)

02.  I want a maid service to come in and clean my house before our open house on August 7th!  hehehe

03.  I want about 4 more hours in the day - preferably hours when my beautiful children are nestled snug in their beds so that I can get stuff done.

04.  Of course, I want my husband to get an insanely large raise or for us to hit the lottery.  :)

05.  I want my children to be happy.  I want them to laugh more than they cry and I want them to always know how much they are loved.

06.  I want my family to be healthy.  I would give just about anything to have my sister be able to get out of her wheelchair and do things with me.  MS sucks.  I want there to be some kind of miracle cure so that she can lead a totally normal life.

07.  I want to live every day to the fullest and learn to accept things I can't change and enjoy what I have without worrying about what I don't.  :)

Here are some material wants I have, too...(because I have to add pictures to my post!)
I would love this lens - but it's kinda pricey right now....so....

I would like this tube extension kit for my Nikon....and....

This close up lens set!  ;)
 Here are just some spots I would love to create in my next house - how I want things to look!  :)

So, there you have it...I guess it's more like 14 wants but hey...it's my blog so I'll write as many as I want!  hehehe

Have a great day!  Hope you all get at least one thing you want today!  :)

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