Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes (Think David Bowe...but not really)

I installed a new commenting program (IntenseDebate) that Mama M installed over at My Little Life.

I thought I'd give it a try. 

First, I really want to be able to personally respond to some of the comments I am getting.  I know that, if they are anything like me, people rarely go back to see if someone wrote a response to their comment.  With this program I can send a comment back to you through an email!  I thought that was pretty cool.  I would like if someone emailed me concerning a comment I made on their blog - it would show that they actually read the comment and cared enough to say something back to me.

The second reason I did it was because I wanted to tick my husband off...just a little bit.  :)

You see - I was reading some posts in my Google Reader and came across Mama M's post about IntenseDebate - so I went to check it out.  He saw what I was doing and rolled his eyes at me. 

"Good reason to stay up and be exhausted tomorrow.  I'm going to bed"

This from the guy who spent the last ... like HOUR playing some game called something like Zombies versus Plants or Plants versus Zombies on his laptop?!?

Oh - okay...

Anyway, if you get a minute leave me a comment so I can see how it works and play with it a little bit!  :)

Side note - If you use a blog reader, which one do you use?  I like Google Reader - but mine is getting VERY cluttered and tough to manage...anyone have anything they like better?  If you do use Google Reader, have you installed the "Next" button up on your Bookmark Toolbar?  Do you like it?  I think I do...but it seems very random.  Wait...I sound very random...Maybe hubby had a point - maybe I SHOULD go to bed now!

Dear "Past" Pregnant Self

Thought I'd participate in the question of the week over at Multiples...and More!

Here's the "question":

If you could go back in time (think: Marty McFly) and have a chat with your pregnant self, what would you say?
For this week's question of the week, write a letter to yourself- your newly expecting, have-no-clue-what-you-were-in-for self.

Funny thing is - I didn't find out I was pregnant with multiples until I was 18 weeks pregnant!  Which was a good and bad thing.  Good because it gave me less time to worry - bad because I had less time to get ready!

Here it goes:

Dear Pregnant Janene,

     First of all, relax.  I know that you weren't planning on having another baby - let alone two more - but you will be okay.  In fact, you will be better than okay and so will the babies!  Jerry will be okay, too.  He doesn't hate you...he loves you and he is totally in love with both those little guys you are growing.  Give him time and he will come around.  You married him because he is a wonderful man - which is why he is a little extra stressed.  He's worried about the same things you are and even more.  He loves you all so much he doesn't want to let you down.  He won't let you down!

   You are going "full-term" so don't get all excited when you start feeling those contractions around 35 still have a full 3 weeks to go.  Don't worry too much about how Nate and Danika are going to react when you bring the babies home - they are going to LOVE them.  They will truly be the best "big" brother and sister to them.

     You are right to assume you won't get any sleep for the first 3 months or so...but you will sleep again.  It won't be a full night but it will be just enough to keep you sane.  You are going to have your hands full - like you haven't heard that one a million times! - but you are also going to have more reasons to smile and laugh (and cry - both happy and fearful tears).  Remember, you were blessed with these babies for a reason - you CAN handle it.

     Don't stress out about nursing too much either.  You will do great for about 6 weeks - then your body will just quit on you.  6 weeks is great - considering how busy/tired/crazy you are these days.  You can give your babies formula - it will help your sanity...but you will feel guilt about it.  You'll feel guilt when you first quit and then again every once in a while when you realize you will never nurse another baby...but that is something you have to stop doing.  Focus on the NOW and enjoy the NOW - don't be sad about change.  I know that you are making a conscious effort to pay extra close attention to the details because this is your last go around at being pregnant.  Keep doing it - you'll look back fondly at all those memories.

In closing - chill out, Janene.  Enjoy the ride.  It isn't going to slow down and before you know it you will be where I am...mother of 4 - wishing I could go back 6 months to the day those little guys were born!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not REALLY twins...

I have twins. I have twin boys that will be 6 months old in 5 days (I think it's 5...yeah, it's 5).  It's not easy having twins, but I don't really dwell on it much.  If I sit and think about how difficult having twins is it will just be harder - better to shut up and do what I have to do than sit around and whine about it.  The funny thing is, though, having twins doesn't really feel any different that having 2 babies.  That sounds stupid...let me see if I can explain a little more.

Our twins are fraternal twins.  Which means that they are NOT identical.  In fact, if you could have polar opposite twins we would have those.  Dean (who was the first one born and has always been about 2 pounds bigger than his brother) has a lovely olive complexion, dark eyes and fuzzy dark hair.  David (who was the second one born and my tiniest baby) is very fair skinned, blond hair and blue eyes.  Their builds are completely different.  They just look NOTHING alike!

The difference in appearance makes it easy to tell them apart (wow - truly am Mrs. Obvious today).  So...we don't have that "how do you tell them apart" problem people often have with twins.  Although, I've had people ask me that and tell me they wouldn't be able to tell them apart.  To which I respond, "Really - LOOK AT THEM!!!"  Ugh.

We also had our first two children very close together.  They were 14 months apart.  While that isn't the same thing as having twins, it is taking care of two "babies" at the same time.  I think that prepared us for the twins' arrival and all the work involved.  Seriously, it isn't that difficult...okay, sometimes it is - but day-to-day it isn't that bad and I think that is because we had Nate and Danika so close together.  It got us use to all the craziness.

Shortly after the boys were born Jerry and I had a conversation about how different they looked.  He commented, "Geeze, we can't even get twins right.  They aren't REALLY twins.  They are just like brothers."  Umm...NOOOO.  Trust me they ARE twins.  I should know.  But I get his point.  When we go places, once they are older and it's harder to tell, I bet people won't know they are twins...unless we tell them.

I have mixed emotions about this.  On one hand I'm happy because it will be so much easier for them to develop and maintain their own identity.  On the other hand I feel like they are missing out somehow.  I mean they have a twin brother, but they won't be able to play tricks on people like the girls in The Parent Trap did!  Oh, wait...maybe that is a blessing.  Hmmm...

I was going to move these pictures around to fit neatly in my post - but I'm being summoned to the living room to play yet another round of The Ladybug here are some pics for you to look at!

David and Nate playing on the floor

Dean - happy after his bath with Nate and Danika

Pretty soon we are moving them to their own cribs - I hope they do okay...I think I'll probably cry a little.  *sniff*sniff*

Al Bundy - Seriously, why does he do this?

Just had to take a picture...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Child Labor - someday

I can't wait until my children are old enough to start doing weekly chores.  Seriously, I am going to give each of them jobs to do...we may even throw in allowances, maybe.  :)  I even started a schedule!

Doesn't Danika look like one of the orphans in Annie in this picture? 
They don't do windows...I asked.  :)

They didn't start playing with that stuff until I started having a cleaning lady come to the house twice a month.

Yes, I have a cleaning lady.

No, I do not have money to "waste" on something like that.

To be honest - it's really NOT that's only twice a month...and it's actually and investment to my peace of mind.

I only have her do the kitchen and the bathroom.  She comes in and does the tub/toilet/sink/floor upstairs and then totally rocks out on my stove/sink/fridge/counter tops/floor in my kitchen.

That's it.  2 hours and $40 bucks later I can give my kiddos a bath in a clean tub and not cringe when they pick up some random piece of food off the kitchen floor and stick it in their mouth.

I'm NOT a neat freak.  I do spot clean in-between visits from the cleaning lady.  I often feel like I'm wasting her time when she is here - not that she makes me feel that way...just my thinking that she could probably be doing a bigger house and spending more time and making more money.

You know what the biggest bonus is?  Promise not to tell him, but I scheduled her to come on Tuesdays while I am at work so that my husband has to have stuff picked up so she can clean.  :)  Plus, that way I come home twice a month to a clean house!

Friday Follow - First timer!

Friday Follow

So - I'm trying something new this Friday. It will probably result in me spending way too much time (the time I have, that is) hopping around and discovering new blogs to follow! I'm actually excited because I LOVE reading blogs!

Here's the "rules":

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Five Question Friday! #3

My Little Life

"Official" Rules:  Copy the questions of the day for 5QF, paste them to your blog post and answer them! (Easy peasy, huh?!!) Then, head over to My Little Life, grab the MckLinky Blog Hop code (if you'd like!), then link up!

1. Do you sing karaoke? If so, what is your go to song?

I only sang karaoke once by myself - I will probably NEVER sing alone again.  I can't even remember what song it was (hence the reason I was singing alone) but I know it was a Jewel song...ugh.

I do, however, love to sing karaoke with my sister, Nicole.  We tend to gravitate towards Dixie Chicks songs.  Goodbye Earl and Sin Wagon are our top 2...but we've also busted out some slower ones, too.  If my mom happens to be around we end up singing Keep on Lovin' You by REO Speedwagon.  Don't ask...I have NO idea.

2. What is your favorite coffee drink?  I LOVE coffee.  I NEED coffee.  I missed coffee sooo much when I was pregnant with the twins.  I was so very disappointed that the smell of it made me nauseous when I was pregnant and was elated when I brewed my first pot at 3am during some random feeding one night and it tasted GOOD again!

My favorite coffee drink...would have to be...a Grasshopper.  It tastes like a thin mint cookie dunked in coffee.  It is delicious!  (coming in second is a peppermint mocha from Starbucks...I like minty coffee, I guess - but I'd never turn down any kind of coffee...except maybe decaf!  hehehe)

3. If you could choose your own name, what would it be?

 I actually like my name.  However, that wasn't the question - I'd have to say I like the name Maggie (which is what we almost named Danika), Claire (another name we considered for Danika) and Veronica (not considered for Danika, but one I've always liked.  Oh - and Morgan...not sure why but I've always loved the name Morgan.

So, to REALLY answer the question I would go with Veronica Claire...but I still don't think I like it better than my real name anyway.

4. Were you ever bullied?

Yes.  Quite a few times, actually...but only when I was really little.  I remember the first bully I stood up to.  She actually wasn't bullying me - she was bullying my sister and I got mad.  Her name was Heather and she was easily 3 times my size - she was a big gal...I was like 3 years younger than her...she seriously towered over me.  My sister was 2 years behind me in school.  So, here is this 8th grader picking on a 3rd grader...making her cry and following her around when she tries to "escape".  After a few minutes (it didn't take long because I hated to see my sister upset), I stepped in front of Heather.  I still remember how fast my heart was beating.  I still remember how dry my mouth was.  I was with my best friend, Colleen, and I looked up at Heather and said, "Why don't you pick on someone your own size - if you can find anyone that big in this school."  I turned around and lead my sister down this little hill and out of sight.  I'm pretty sure I hyperventilated when we turned the corner.  Later on that day Heather actually came up to me and apologized.  I'm not really sure why - but I'm guessing it had something to do with everyone always being afraid of her and no one standing up to her.  She was a little nicer from then on.  (Awww...that really sounds like an after-school special, doesn't it?)

5. How often do you eat fast food?

Too often - especially considering that I am on a diet!  It's not really that much if you think about it but probably twice a month.  Fast food is so bad for you, though.  I really try not to eat it or to pick healthy things when I am eating it.  Some days, though, it is just easier and I'm too tired to fight it.  :)

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time to break out of hibernation mode

This has to be the busiest week we've had in a while and to be honest I'm not all that thrilled about it.  I do like the fact that you can finally start to see some green underneath all of the white as the snow starts to melt, but it means that my week (or so) of hibernation is over.  It's time to go out and deal with the real world, again. 

I worked Monday (the day I'm usually in my pajamas until noon) and yesterday (which was scheduled off but we used it to make up a snow day).  I was suppose to take the twins to the doctor's today for shots...but I canceled because they haven't been feeling all that great and I didn't want to put their immune systems through anything else right now (and because I need a make up day to stay in my pajamas until noon).  We have a man coming to talk to us about a new front door - which would be AWESOME! - tonight.  Tomorrow, it's back to work again.  Friday is dinner up at my mom and dad's (maybe a little time out with friends later in the evening).  Saturday - we have nothing big planned...but Sunday, I'm making The World's Best Lasagna!  Don't ask me how many points it is...I'm making it (and eating it) anyway.  I've been pretty good this week and I'm soooo hungry for it!  It does take all day to make, though. 

Yesterday, we celebrated Clifford - the Big Red Dog's birthday at school.  Here's the picture I took of Nate for a special project we do with all the preschool kiddos.  Every other kid took their picture by Clifford's head...except my son.  My son decided that he wanted his picture with all of Clifford and that he wanted to sit next to Clifford's butt (exact words).  So, here he is - celebrating Clifford's birthday by taking a picture near his butt. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just what I needed - if you have children you should watch this!!

This morning I started typing a post about how quiet my house was - about how peaceful it sounded.  My "big kids" were up at my parents' house and the "little guys" were still asleep.  I got about half way through the post when Dean woke up...with another fever.  I knew then that the rest of the day - and the post I'd started to write - wasn't going keep going the way it started.  I called the doctor and ended up rushing over there and leaving with a diagnosis of Acute Bronchiolitis/Resp Sync Virus and an Albuterol inhaler.

The rest of the day was kind of shot.  There was me trying to keep a very uncomfortable, cranky baby happy while also trying to do the few things I had on my MUST do list - switch laundry, take out garbage, empty dishwasher.  Then there were trips to the potty with Danika (who is starting to really catch on - but 1/2 the time goes just for the chocolate!)...bottles...medicine...diapers...drinks and snacks.  I was relieved when my parents stopped back down to help with Dean's second dose of Albuterol.  I was able to unload and load the dishwasher and breath for a few minutes while they were here.  Jerry showed up shortly after they left and I was able to just hold my sick baby while he slept for a while.

I started to think about my lost blog post. I jumped on to my Google Reader and read To The Max and Ellen's post...I cried...I decided I HAVE to share it with you.  If you have matter what should watch this.  You will probably cry or at the very least get a little bit choked up.  I'm sorry - but it is the perfect ending to the day I had...The Gift of an Ordinary Day.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Five Question Friday!

My Little Life

1. Have you ever hit an animal with your vehicle?
Yes - I hit a bunny about 36 hours after getting my driver's license.  I've never hit an animal since then, though.  

2. When you see a string on your clothes do you pull it off or cut if off?

More often than not - I pull it off and say a little prayer it won't cause a hole.  I am too unorganized to know where the scissors are all the time.  If I can get the end of the string to my mouth - I may bite it instead.  :)

3. Did you have your own room or share a room when you were young?

Both - when I was really young I shared a room with my sister.  I can't remember exactly when it happened, but I eventually moved into another room.  Funny thing is that I had to move and she got to keep our room.  I never had a closet again - I was stuck with one of those coat racks on wheels.  :)

4. Would you rather wear the same thing for the rest of your life or eat the same thing for the rest of your life?
I'd rather wear the same thing for the rest of my life - I like food too much and usually don't care what I'm wearing...however, I probably would care if it got all shabby and torn...I'm glad this is just an opinion question and not a decision I really have to make!

5. What was your favorite TV show as a child?
I liked a lot of TV shows as a child...and I don't know that I could pick a favorite.  I will say I remember enjoying The Cosby Show a lot.  I also remember watching HR PuffnStuff which a lot of people seem to have no idea what it is.  As for cartoons - The Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite!  :)  I'm sure there are a lot more that I will think of all day long - but those are the first ones to pop into my head.

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From a 4 year-old's point of view

My wonderful hubby bought me this - as a last minute Christmas present this year:

I LOVE IT!  I've used it to capture precious moments like this and this.  It is small enough that I can grab it and take it just about anywhere.  It's easy to make DVDs with it and share them with my family and friends.  Nate LOVES watching the DVD we made of our trip through Hartwood Acres this past puts Danika to sleep, so that's a bonus.

The other thing about the Flip Video is that it is easy to use.  One button pretty much does it all.  It's so easy to use, in fact, a 4 year-old can do it.  See exhibit A:

Did you notice that it is durable, too?  After all it was chucked onto my dining room table and then picked back up without missing a beat!  Sound quality isn't too bad either.  Did you hear the sizzle of me cooking chicken in the background?  For the price - it's perfect for us right now and one of the best Christmas presents ever - next to this, of course...Less than 1 month to go!!!  :)


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Don't you just love saying that? Nom . . . Nom . . . Nom . . . you can't help but smile after you finish the third Nom...but I digress.

These are why I'm posting today:

My babies are officially eating baby food - HOMEMADE (okay...blended from frozen) BABY FOOD!

While I'm adding might as well look at these, too.

Adorable? You betcha!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Imperfection?

I've been thinking a lot about my blog title - Perfecting Imperfection.  At first, I chose it because I thought it was witty and kind of I'm seeing more and more how it's also a very good fit.  I am not perfect.  I've never claimed to be and I'm certainly not going to start right now.  Actually, I find it easy to admit I was wrong and just move on more and more these days because my priorities have shifted greatly and I don't have time to worry about being right anymore.  My new priorities are the most important I've ever had in my life - they are my precious children and they are really all that matter...along with DH, of course...and the rest of my family.  :)

Anyway, as I was saying, I am not perfect.  I have accepted the fact that I will always have debt, dirty laundry to do and 10-15lbs or more that I could lose.  I will always be at least a little tired and more often than not will have roots that need dyed.  My house will not always be neat and orderly.  In fact, it will probably look like a tornado went through it most days and even some nights (when I'm too exhausted to put it back together before going to bed).  Some nights I will order pizza for dinner and some days we will not get out of our pajamas ALL DAY LONG!  I will probably forget some birthdays that I meant to remember (I am so horrible with this) and be looking for something that I lost a week ago and still haven't found.  I am not organized.  I do not have it together.

I often hear the comment, "You really have your hands full, don't you?"

I always lie and tell people, "It's not that bad."

I guess it's not a complete and total lie.  It can be bad - if I let it get to me.  If I sit and think about all the ways my life isn't "perfect" or even "almost perfect", I will most certainly have some kind of a breakdown.  Those days do happen.  I have days where I think about how much easier life would have been if we would only have Nate...or would have stopped after Danika.  We are so outnumbered.  We are overwhelmed.  We are on the verge of insanity some days...

We are also so blessed.  We are so loved.  We are overjoyed - as if it is possible to have too much joy in one's life.  As many times as I think about how our life would have been easier without the twins I also think about how our life is fuller with them.  Our life is full of more happiness, more love and more laughter because of them. I can imagine life without them but I don't want to.  I mean just LOOK at them!

I will say that I count my blessings daily.  I am so incredibly lucky that all of my children are healthy.  I am so blessed that I am in a happy marriage.  I have everything that I need and some things that I don't need but am lucky enough to enjoy anyway.  So, when the days come when I feel like I'm becoming sucked in by the insanity I remind myself of these things.  My problems will pass - each day will end with the possibility of tomorrow being better...not perfect because I don't expect perfection - in fact I'm getting better at imperfection...not getting better at being imperfect but getting better at enjoying it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Since we are keeping track -

It was just one of those weekends...everyone was sick and we had a lot of stuff to take care of this weekend.  Not a lot of places to go...but a lot of stuff to do.  One of the big things that needed done was digging out Jerry's car.  We dug the van out the day we got the big snow.  We didn't dig out Jerry's car.  I figured I wasn't going anywhere, he could just take the van and I'd hang out at home with the kiddos.  I do have to go to work tomorrow, though.  So, we need both vehicles dug out.  Jerry dug it out yesterday....took him a little under an hour.  When he came in he looked at me and said, "I wonder how many pounds of snow I've shoveled?"  Without skipping a beat I responded, "I wonder how many gallons of snot I've sucked out of noses?"  That about sums up the last few days.  :) 

It was a good weekend, though.

We are continuing to have great Potty Success (if you haven't seen this video of Danika's hysterical!).  The only accident was one when she fell asleep on the couch - can't blame her there.  She even kept her Pull-Up dry at Nana and Pap Pap's house yesterday! 

Speaking of yesterday...I actually put real clothes on (make-up and everything) and went out with Jerry.  We went to the mall for a little bit and ate at Chili's.  I had their Quesadilla Explosion Salad and it was awesome.  I also had a few adult beverages - and they were yummy, too.  Which is probably part of the reason we headed to Best Buy next and made a few bigger purchases.  The one I'm really excited about is this:

I've been complaining about not being able to print from my laptop for probably 6 months.  Our desktop (which finally bit the dust) took forever to load any program and even longer to turn on.  One night I ended up not going grocery shopping until 9:00 pm because I couldn't get my grocery list to print.  No more, though!  I also got a new coat (80% off!!!), a new purse and a new pair of sunglasses.  All in all it was a great trip.

I just have to add these pics on to the end of the post - I think Matchbox cars lined up in a row by little hands are just adorable...Cars Matchbox cars are even cuter.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

He CAN take a hint

 Never let it be said that my husband can't take a hint.  In this post I talk about how he isn't very romantic.  Then this morning this shows up:

With 2 dozen roses and a box of chocolates inside.
And a note that simply says, "I love you!!  Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart. - Jerry"
Yep.  I'm smiling.  

On a side note - you may have noticed that my blog is going through an identity crisis.  I think I kind of was, a blogger that is.  No worries, though.  I'm back to normal and I think I've found a blog template that I like and will stick to for a while.  You know, green IS my favorite color.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Five Questions - Gushing about my Hubby

So Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  We aren't really big Valentine's Day celebrators in our house.  In fact, with the kids coughing and hacking and the snow holding us prisoner this week I haven't had a chance to get out and do any shopping...not that I get a chance when we aren't sick and snowed in.  I thought about making something (you know like an old fashioned valentine complete with doily and pink and red hearts) or baking/cooking something special (which would require a trip to the grocery store) but I haven't made any definite decision, yet.  If I figure it out I will let you the mean time, I stumbled upon Five Question Friday and thought I'd give it a shot.  Maybe it'll be something I'll do frequently, but either way I figured it would give me a good chance to brag about DH a little.

My Little Life

1. What is the one thing your love does for you that you can't live without?

The dishes.  Seriously.  I love to cook.  I love to experiment with new recipes and try new things.  I HATE cleaning up after myself in the kitchen.  For some reason, unknown to me, Jerry almost ALWAYS does the clean up after dinner.  I'm so grateful for it.  It could be because his alternative is getting the kids bathed and ready for bed...but that's fine with me.  I'd rather do that than clean up the kitchen any day.

On a more romantic note, I love when he holds my hand.  Simple, I know...but there is something very loving in it.  It's a sign that we are in this together...that he is with me...that he still loves me.

2. When did you know your love was "the one"?

Would it be a cop out to say I don't know?  We were friends long before we started dating.  We kind of fell into dating and then I just couldn't imagine things being any different.  I guess when we were still together after he came home from college I knew we were eventually going to get married and spend the rest of our lives together.

3. Does your love have a special ringtone on your cell?

No - he use to before I changed was No One by Alicia Keys.

4. What are you attracted to most in your special someone?

One thing I love about Jerry is that he is a guy's guy - you know, the kind that likes to hunt, fish and watch sports.  But I'm most attracted to him when he is being more sensitive.  Like when he is comforting our children or expressing concern for someone he loves.  He can be a tough guy and I love that - but I also love that he is a big softy, too.

Physically - it's his eyes.  I'm so happy we have 2 sons with the same bright, brilliant blue eyes he has.

5. Did you know when/where he/she was going to pop the big question?

I had my suspicions for a few reasons.  First, he had told me that we were going out and then called to tell me he was able to get off of work early and wanted to leave earlier.  He was too excited and couldn't wait - so I knew there was something going on other than dinner.  Plus, I had seen him talking to my dad earlier that week.  Not that he never talked to my dad, but he rarely talked to him alone.  Then, when I got home from work that day the house was spotless and my parents were out.  My mom later confessed that it was because she knew what was coming and was afraid she'd blow the secret.  

One of the coolest things was that my family and Jerry's family were all at my parents' house when we got back to celebrate with us.  I didn't know they were going to be there and Jerry didn't tell me.  I didn't even see their Jeeps (because they all had Jeeps back then) in front of my parents' house when we pulled up.  I had just planned on showing my parents and I was able to show everyone my new ring!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Plop - an adventure in Potty Training

My son was incredibly easy to potty train.  We used a timer and just like Pavlov's Dog when he heard the timer go off, off to the potty he went.  After about 3 weeks of that he was fully potty trained.  My daughter has been working on potty training for about 2 months now.  It's partly my fault because I've been unable to maintain any kind of consistency with her.  There are the days I work and am not home to stay consistent.  There are the days when the twins need extra attention and potty training has to take a back seat.  Then there are the days when my oh-so-stubborn daughter decides she is just NOT going to do it.

Today, however, was not one of those days.  We had potty success...I video taped it.  I'm partly ashamed about it (because you can see the plunger in the back right corner) but it is too hysterical not to share.  I really hope she doesn't hate me for this when she is older.  Nothing too graphic - I didn't videotape the final product or, you've been warned and if you want to watch the video it's below.

Dutch Ovens - and cool new blog

I'm jumping back into blogging full force these days - maybe it's because of Facebook's new layout (which I'm just not finding myself getting comfortable with) or maybe it's just because I want a little bit more "interaction" with other people.  Not that I get a whole lot of "interaction" but I feel like I've actually talked to someone after reading their blog posts.  I feel like we had a phone conversation or just took a few minutes to catch up.  No matter what the reason, I've been coming across some pretty cool blogs lately.

One of them is Nugglemama' Handful - and she has 5 kids!  That's 1 MORE than me which I find really exciting!  :)

In my exploration of her blog, I found a contest to win one of these.
Now, I don't know where I will put it if I win it, but I really really want it.  I don't know how many recipes I have come across that say to use a dutch oven - especially Food Network ones - and we don't have one.  :(

So - here's the link to Nugglemama's blog & her awesome contest to win a Dutch Oven.  Wish me luck!  (Good luck to you, too!!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And so it goes...

We've been getting some snow.  Actually, we've been getting a lot of snow (see video).  I normally don't mind the snow.  However, this is getting a little ridiculous.  Plus, I'm told that we are under a Blizzard warning until 4am tomorrow AND it is suppose to snow another 4 inches or so on Saturday.  (I'm hoping that one wasn't really true - semi-reliable source there: facebook)

The snow is a pain in the butt...I won't lie.  But being stuck inside isn't really anything new to me.  I haven't really been able to just pick up and go anywhere for . . . probably close to 7 months.  The last 2 months of my pregnancy, I couldn't take Nate and Danika out anywhere because they aren't the best listeners and I wasn't the fastest pregnant lady on two feet.  It just made me too nervous.  Since the twins were born I haven't been out much, either.  Other than going to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I only really have 2 other times each month that I get out of the house - Book Club at Borders and the Mommy Group I started hanging out with.  I thoroughly enjoy both evenings, but other than that I'm usually home unless I'm at my parents' or Jerry's parents' or sister's house.  I don't even get to do the grocery shopping.  Jerry does that on his way home after I make the list for him...but I'm not a big fan of grocery shopping anyway, so I don't really mind that one.

I guess my point is that everyone is talking about being stir crazy and having cabin fever - I'm fine on that end of it.  I'm actually enjoying it because I'm not stuck at home alone (Jerry didn't go to work on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday!).  It would be nice for him to be off of work and be able to go somewhere - but it's nice to have him home all the same.

It makes me wonder, though.  When will I have the confidence to take all 4 of my children out somewhere?  How old will they have to be for me to be comfortable doing that - will I ever be comfortable doing that?  If I do have somewhere to go, I usually find a way to split my kids up.  I'll take one, leave one with my mom and 2 with Jerry or my MIL.  Will I ever head out of the house with all 4 kids alone and not be headed to my parents' house or Jerry's parents' house?  I guess only time will tell - but I have a sneaking suspicion that the answer is, "Not in the next 3 or 4 years, at least."

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm not very good at . . .

For some reason today, while I was cutting Nate's fingernails and toenails, I started thinking about things I'm just not very good at doing. One of those things is remembering to cut my kids' nails. I always seem to remember to do it when someone gets scratched or I notice black dirt building up under Nate or Danika's nails. I manage to cut them all on the same day and then feel better...but why can't I remember to cut them without someone getting a boo boo or looking like they were digging in dirt?

It's probably because another thing I'm not very good at is following a schedule. I'm great at making them - I've even gotten better at making them realistic - but I totally suck at following them. I could blame it on the fact that I have 4 children who are all under 5, but it really started before then. I get distracted. I lose track of time. I don't really have the motivation to be a schedule following person. If I had a schedule then I would know that Monday we cut fingernails and toenails. Tuesday we empty out the fridge because tomorrow is garbage day. Wednesday we change the bedsheets. Thursday we make the grocery list so that Friday we can go grocery shopping. Those are all things I am bad at remembering - all things that need to be done every week (or 2) that I always kick myself over because I'm doing it last minute or a day late. Cleaning out the fridge on Wednesday isn't awful when the weather is like it is now...but in June, July and August?

I really like Super Nanny. Don't laugh. I think that she has really great ideas. We use the Naughty Step with both Nate and Danika and it's been working like a charm. I watch how Jo goes into these homes and helps them get their act together. Now, given the choice I'd probably have to pick the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition guys to visit me over Jo Frost...but if Super Nanny showed up at my door I wouldn't turn her away. The problem is that she wouldn't have to deal with unruly or violent kids aren't the problem. She would have to teach me how to manage time better, stick to a schedule, not get distracted AND take care of all my kiddos' needs. Eh - my expectations are probably a little bit high...but someday I'll have the perfect schedule. It will look something like this:


  • Monday - Run Vaccum
  • Tuesday - Take out Garbage
  • Wednesday - Change/Make Bed
  • Thursday - Dust
  • Friday - Run Vaccum

  • Monday - Dishes
  • Tuesday - Empty out Fridge
  • Wednesday - Laundry (don't forget sheets)
  • Thursday - Kitchen Floor
  • Friday - Bathroom Floor

  • Monday - Dishes
  • Tuesday - Help Take out Trash
  • Wednesday - Change/Make Beds
  • Thursday - Dishes
  • Friday - Tub

  • Monday - Dust
  • Tuesday - Help Empty Fridge
  • Wednesday - Help with Laundry
  • Thursday - Dishes
  • Friday - Scrub Sink/Toilet

It's All Coming Back To Me...Now

If you just thought of a cheesy Celine Dion song when you read the title of the post then - GOTTCHA! I can't get the freaking thing out of my head...and I am not the biggest Celine Dion fan.

Anyway - apparently I learned more in my web design class than I had originally thought. I started looking at the HTML code and was able to figure out how to plug in the addresses for the web pages to link you to Home - About - Contact - My Kiddos (check it out above!).

That's about it for the tweaking, though. I think I'm going to just let Blogger's widgets do the rest! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

And now for something . . . different

I'm trying out a new layout. I'm just giving it a test run - but if you are a reader please let me know what you think. I'm not really a computer person but I can hold my own on simple things. I had a web design class in college (in like 1996) where we worked in groups to develop a web page and I got stuck with a girl who knew what she was doing and basically did most of our project. I think I learned how to change the color and add a link (maybe) and that's about all I know about designing a web page. I'm going to "tweak" it a little over the next few days. I could NEVER have done the layout on my own...and silly me NEVER thought that there were other free layouts out there. I'm not sure why I didn't think about it, but I never did. Sooo....when I was looking around a little I came across this site: BloggerStyles and I have enough computer knowledge to download, copy and paste...

My next trick is going to be seeing if I can figure out how to get some "widgets" on there. Like my Google Reader and Links for my Facebook page...*hint* *hint* to anyone who may actually know how to do that - HELP!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Six Years Ago - today

When I woke up this morning it was snowing. It has since slowed down to an occasional flurry, but when I actually looked out first thing this morning it was coming down pretty good. I had to smile. I know that a lot of people are tired of the snow. A lot of people were disappointed that Phil saw his shadow and scurried back into his nice warm home. I, on the other hand, don't mind snow in February. (Snow in April is a different matter - it shouldn't snow for Easter.)

Reflecting on the snow falling outside, I mentioned to my kiddos that it's been 6 years since Daddy bought our house. He looked up at me from tying his shoes and said, "Yesterday was 6 years exactly!" It made me think about how far we've come...and how much things have changed.

My husband is not a romantic guy. It's kind of sad, really. I'm such a hopeless romantic - I'm a sap actually. My husband doesn't do much that can even be considered kinda romantic...of course that doesn't include the occasional sweet comment or glassy eyed look when he realizes how good life is...but the way he bought our house was really romantic.

We had looked at close to 25 different houses. This little house was the only one that we really liked, was in good condition and in our price range. To be honest with you we probably wouldn't buy this house again - only because we now know that we need a lot more room than this little place has to offer but as soon-to-be newlyweds it was PERFECT!!! I remember that we actually had too much room and not enough furniture to fill the place when we started out! hahahaha

Anyway - we had looked at a lot of houses and had pretty much decided this was the one. We made an offer lower than our maximum price...they countered with a price still a little under that maximum price. We accepted and were all set to close on February 3, 2004. The day before was a busy day but nothing out of the ordinary. Jerry had mentioned that we were going to go down and look at the house one more time before closing. He swung by and picked me up at my parents house and we headed down. The house was dark and Allison, our Realtor, was nowhere to be found. Jerry convinced me it would be okay to go up on to the porch and wait. Then he pulled out the keys and opened the door. I didn't know but he had actually bought the house that afternoon!!! He had a blanket and a bottle of wine in what would become our living room and we celebrated together.

It's hard for me to imagine what this house looked like with nothing in it. It was empty when we bought it - and looked so much bigger than it does now. The next day (today - 6 years ago) school was canceled due to a ton of snow that got dumped on us overnight. So, I took my new house key and came down to the house to hang out...the empty myself.

I remember cleaning a little. I remember opening all of the drawers and closets. I remember sitting in the middle of the rooms and imagining what they would look like with stuff in them. I planned what colors I wanted to paint and where we were going to put the few things we did have. I was excited. It made the fact that Jerry and I were getting ready to start our new lives together feel a little bit more "real".

I'm not really sure when it happened...but sometime in the last 6 years this house has become my home. When I think about home I no longer think about my parents' house - where I lived for 26ish years. I think about this little house that my husband bought for us on a cold, snowy Groundhog Day in 2004.