I’m not one to complain…

4/13/2010 04:33:00 PM

No, really – I don’t complain much.  I firmly believe that if you complain you become more miserable.  If you just “suck it up” and do what needs to be done or fix what you can fix and put the things you can’t change in God’s hands then you will be much happier.  That’s not to say you will ALWAYS be happy – but I promise you will be HAPPIER than if you sit around and complain all day.

That being said, I would like to take this moment to ask reality to do me a huge favor…BACK OFF!!!

There are so many things creeping up in my near future that I have to deal with that I’m just feeling slightly panicked.  So ~ here’s my letter to reality…please indulge me and I promise I won’t make this a regular thing.

Dear Reality,

See these children?

01 15 10_0076

Could you do me a favor and not let them grow up or change for the next 2 or 3 years?  I am so happy with the way they are right at this very moment and I’m not ready for them to change, yet.  I’m enjoying them the way they are and would appreciate it if they could stay this way for a while…after all, Dean has already lost his toothless grin with that one tooth popping up on the bottom.  Thanks to you, though, I’m not able to  just drop everything and just spend time with them and Jerry. So I can’t REALLY enjoy them the way I want to…

Also, I was talking to my dad yesterday about Jerry taking the boys hunting when they get older.  I told him that a freezer full of deer meat would be great – but my stomach does flips when I think of my boys out there with other hunters.  I told him that I just am not ready to think about the things I can’t protect them from, yet.  So – if you could just make people stop talking about things they will do that I don’t have control over, I would appreciate that, too.

Oh – and could you find a way to have someone knock on our front door and tell us they would like to buy our house for twice what it is worth AND that they have found the perfect 4 bedroom, 2 and 1/2 bath house in the best school district in the area, for tens of thousands less than we wanted to pay for it? Would it be pushing it to ask you to make sure it has huge walk-in closets in all 4 bedrooms and 1 in the hallway, too?

If it’s not too much trouble, could you get my husband the perfect job?  His job isn’t bad – it’s actually been going a lot better than it was last year at this time.  My big complaint is the hours…could you give him Saturdays off?  Please?  I would be more than willing to give him to you Monday through Friday from 9 – 5 or even 8 – 4.  He would work his butt off for you from the start of the day to the end of the day – he’s good like that.  In fact, he’s better when he has too much to do.  But could you please just return him to us at the same, decent hour every night?  Oh – and the Saturday thing…we only have 1 day a week at home together (Sunday) and I would really, really like 2 – I’d be even happier with 2 in a row. 

Last but not least, if you can’t take care of all the laundry for me could you at least freeze time while I’m online?  That way I won’t lose so many hours a week while reading blogs and Tweeting.  :)

Thanks so much -


Now that I’m done complaining…did you notice?  Did you see?  I’ve reached 100 followers!  :)  I’m very excited…I’d throw a party – if I had the time/energy.

Speaking of parties…I went to the UBP on Twitter last night and I won a prize!  Me!  What did I win, you ask…I won a $40 gift certificate to Francie Pants.  I can’t wait to show Danika and let her pick out some patterns!  A big Thank You to 5 Minutes for Mom for hosting the UBP and for the prize!  :)  Pictures will follow – once I place and receive my order! 

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