It’s nothing personal ~ honest…

4/19/2010 05:35:00 PM

It’s nothing personal, but you probably won’t be seeing a lot of me this week.  I will miss you – I will try to check in…but I have a super busy week this week and it’s going to be hard enough for me to keep up with my kiddos and get everything done I need to get done, let alone trying to sneak a blog post in here or there.  :)  I should be able to check in once or twice…in fact, I actually wrote out a mini To-Do list for the week and I “penciled” blogging in again on Thursday…(but I’m not much of a schedule person – so we will see).

In the meantime – here’s what’s new:

The boys have graduated from eating in Bumbos to highchairs:


They are actually pretty happy about it, too!

CIMG1756 CIMG1755

I’ve been FLYing again – and my book Sink Reflections came from Paperback Swap today!


Finally ~ if you’ve been following me on Twitter you may have seen this…he IS sleeping.  I don’t know what it is about that bouncing thing, but they both fall soundly asleep in it at least once a day.



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