Any ideas for what to do with too much chocolate?

4/04/2010 07:04:00 PM

First of all – Easter rocked!  Check it out -

We colored Easter eggs

03 31 10_Easter_0128

We ate Easter Pizza (that’s what we call it at least)

04 03 10_Easter_0092

We were invaded by GIANT Easter Bunnies

04 03 10_Easter_0093_edited-1

We had Easter egg hunts

04 03 10_Easter_0101 04 03 10_Easter_0103

We wore Bunny Ears (or at least THEY wore them!)

04 04 10_Easter_0082_edited-1

Now ~ we have so much Easter candy I don’t know what we are going to do with it all.  We have more than I could ever allow my children to eat – Easter has totally rivaled Halloween this year.  They got candy at the Easter Party we went to a few weeks ago.  Nate got some candy from school (not as much candy as other stuff, though – which was nice).  They got candy from my husband’s parents.  They got candy from my parents.  They got candy from the “Easter Bunny” (though only a few little eggs with jelly beans and a big chocolate bunny).  They got candy from my sister-in-law.  HELP!  I would like to do something fun with the chocolate…melt it down, maybe?  Any suggestions?  What do you do with all the candy? 

Oh…and…um ~ I reached 75 followers this weekend.  That is a really big deal for me…I’m kind of in awe, actually.  Thank you for finding me interesting enough to listen to while I’m rambling!  *totally blushing*

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