Does this make me a Tweeter or Twit?

4/17/2010 10:41:00 AM

Recently, I started using Twitter.  I’ve had a Twitter account for quite some time, but never really got into it much.  I’d pop on over and update what I was doing or check in on some of the things other people were doing – but I wasn’t really that into it.

What changed my mind?  Three things, actually. 

1) Twitter for BlackBerry – so much better than other apps I was using to keep up with Twitter.  Twitter for BlackBerry is more like Twitter on my PC.

2) TweetDeck – No wonder I  didn’t get into Twitter before but am obsessing a bit now.  TweetDeck makes thing SO much easier!  It’s so easy to keep up with everyone and reply and retweet!  I LOVE TweetDeck!

3) UMP ‘10 over at 5minutesformom – they had a Twitter Party.  I was nervous because I had never been to a Twitter Party.  I LOVED it!  Not only that but I won a gift card for some Francie Pants!  I haven’t gotten the gift card, yet – but the 5minutesformom people have assured me they passed my info along so maybe it’s headed my way via snail mail or something.  The Twitter Party was awesome because I met some new people who actually tweeted back and forth with me!  That was the first time I’d done that.

So here’s the new profile pic I put up for my blog and for Twitter…it’s a lot more “me” than the last Twitter pic I had!! 

more me

Now I have a question…do you Tweet?  What do you think of it?  I notice a lot of the bloggers that I follow tweet with each other ~ which kind of makes me feel like I’m an outsider, but I also know that the only way I’m going to develop those kind of Twitter relationships is to jump in and talk to people…I’ve never been that outgoing, though.  The fact that it is the internet is a little comforting – after all, it’s not like trying to make friends in a lunchroom or homeroom or anything (even though there is this tiny part of me that has those same jitters…am I crazy?) 

Anyway ~ you can send me a Tweet if you feel so inclined…I’ll probably giggle because I tend to do that when I see @JKrajci.  Or maybe you shouldn’t – you would just be fueling my new addiction!  Nah – do it, smiling is contagious so everyone will be happy here…I’ll probably even tweet you back!  :) 

Oh, and can someone please explain to me why I can’t get over this feeling that I am making a complete fool out of myself today and talking about something I know nothing about?  I feel like my mother when she talks about anything computer related!  hehehe

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