I TOLD you I would post on Thursday...

4/22/2010 09:07:00 AM

I now understand why people wonder how I can get everything done. They must think I'm ALWAYS as busy as I have been this week! I'm actually having an okay week - aside from the fact that I'm exhausted. It's going really fast, too. Just when I thought life couldn't move at a faster pace - I'm seriously starting to wonder if someone pressed some sort of fast forward button or something.

I actually don't have a whole lot of time to spend on a blog post today, but I wanted to share some of Nate's artwork from our preschool art show. I had a wonderful time last night. My coworkers (who I would call just call friends if I didn't also work with them) got to play with (and meet) my babies and kiddos. Jerry got to see more of where I work and meet some of the kids I talk about when I get home. It was a really nice night. I was surprised (and then not so surprised) that Jerry stayed the whole time with the kids - from 6 to 8:30ish. I was surprised because I thought he would get bored, but then not surprised once I realized all he had to do if he stayed was let everyone fuss over the baby he was holding. :) Nate and Danika played happily in the play room and both of the twins managed a nap even with all the noise. Personally, I think that David slept so well because he had such a wonderful woman holding him and snuggling him. He looked incredibly comfortable sleeping on Karen and she didn't look too upset, either.

So, enjoy the art show pics...I'll be there again tonight but Jerry will be somewhere glued to the TV. There is a hockey game on tonight and he wouldn't miss it for anything...how much longer are the playoffs? *sigh* Then I'm headed up to my Alma Mater - kind of. :) We are going to a teaching conference at a Holiday Inn nearby. Nunnu is watching the kids in the morning - hope he gets a good night's sleep! Jerry will be home around 1:30 to take over until I get home around 4:30/5:00.

Probably see you again here on Saturday!

Nate's painting is the pumpkin patch!

His pilgrim says, "Nate is thankful for getting to play with Daddy"

Everyone draws a family portrait...this is Nate's.  See Mommy holding Dean and David?  I'm not sure you can tell from the picture, but Daddy has facial hair, too!

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