I would be so happy if . . .

4/01/2010 09:17:00 AM

I didn’t have to make grocery lists.  I HATE making grocery lists.  I HATE planning meals and trying to have the foresight needed to know what I’m going to feel like eating/making for the next week or so.  I wish someone else could do this for me…but, I’m the Mama/Wife and it’s part of my job description, right?

I’m working on a couple different ideas to make this a little bit easier.  I’m eventually going to figure something out that makes this whole process much much easier – probably around the time I’m going to be spending triple what I spend now at the grocery store.  In case you missed it, I have 4 kids – 3 boys!  Eventually, they will stop being so picky and just start eating everything in sight.  I really hope I have a better game plan by the time that happens!

Anyway ~ I thought I’d share 2 of my tools with you…not that they have single-handedly made this task any easier, but they are worth a look. 

First, this is where I got the Grocery List/Menu Planner (it’s the Menu Grocery List if you go to download it) I use each week.  I LOVE it because I do exactly what Kate does here – I got a clipboard at the dollar store and just clip it to my fridge.  Also, I save weeks past – which is really convenient when I’m looking for something we liked with all of the ingredients listed right there.  I mainly use it for dinner, but have also used it for breakfast if I feel like doing something special when we are all home together (like we will be this Tuesday!).

Next, allrecipes.com is the sight I go to for recipes.  I have cookbooks that I love to look through when I have time – because you know I have a ton of extra time on my hands.  I go to All Recipes, though, when I am looking for something specific.  They have a great search feature!  Plus, you can create your own online recipe box to keep recipes you like in…so I’ll head over there when I’m meal planning to pick stuff I know we like and I can actually make!

I read somewhere – I wish I had the link to share with you…but I can’t for the life of me remember which blog I was reading, (if it’s yours, send me the link and I’ll add it) - that it would simplify meal planning and life in general if you picked a theme for each day of the week.  I’m thinking of giving that a try.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

Monday – Chicken

Tuesday – Ground Meat

Wednesday – Pasta

Thursday – Pork (we love pork chops!)

Friday – Fish

Saturday – Leftovers or out somewhere

Sunday – Dinner with Mom and Dad/Family

This Sunday is Easter so we will be at Jerry’s sister’s house.  We’ll see how this plan works – I’m going to try planning meals starting with tomorrow (Friday) and then for 1 week…I’ll post my “menu” when I’m done – with links if I use allrecipe.com.

I’d love any suggestions on how to make this process easier or just tell me what you do!  I know that eventually I will laugh that this was even a big deal for me – I’ll be a pro, someday.  Right now, though, I HATE this part of being the Mama/Wife!

BTW ~ I’m making these for Easter on Sunday.  I’m going to take them to my SIL’s for an appetizer.  So, I’ll have to remember to add the ingredients to my list!  You should go check them out – and maybe vote for them for The Brown Eyed Baker!  You could win $300!  Wouldn’t that be a nice chunk to help fill the freezer?


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