Now is the time . . .

4/08/2010 08:35:00 PM

I should be in bed.  I should be reading my book club book.  I should be doing laundry or figuring out what I’m doing tomorrow for dinner.  I should be sleeping (really, I should be sleeping).  All 4 of my children are asleep and it’s already 11:04 pm.  I should be on my way upstairs to wash my face, brush my teeth and crawl under the covers…ahh…that really does sound heavenly right now.

However, instead of doing any of the aforementioned should be tasks ~ I will spend the next hour or so reading blogs and catching up.  Days I work are the worst – usually, I can split my day up and include at least 2 times when I can jump online for a little bit…usually 30 – 40 minutes.  That is usually enough time for me to write a short blog post or check my blog reader so that I can get my “fix”.  Days I work, though – that just doesn’t happen.  So…here I am, online and getting ready to read some blogs.

You should go and check out my friend’s post, 40 Days and 40 Nights over at What Little Girls are Made Of.  I practically begged her to write about giving up Facebook for Lent…she talks about it in this post and it’s made me think a lot about how much time I really do spend in front of my computer.  The thing is, my priorities have changed and I do feel better because of it.  I LOVE blogging.  I LOVE that I’m recording memories that my children will actually be able to look back on and read about.  I LOVE reading what other people share from yummy recipes and cooking tips to keeping up with old friends to hearing how someone else deals with the daily ins and outs of being outnumbered by kiddos, too.  When Facebook was the number one place I spent my time at when online, I found myself wasting time – since blogging has become more of a time consumer, I feel like I have things to talk about.  I feel like I learn things.  I feel like I have more of a life.  It may seem slightly pathetic, but I feel like I’m interacting with adults – which happens few and far between when I’m at home with my kids all day.

So, while I should be upstairs, warm and under my covers, I may just take a few more minutes to go and visit some more blogs and spend some time “catching – up” with my friends.

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