Little Film Club

4/10/2010 12:49:00 PM

If you are here for the party – my UBP post can be found – here!

While browsing blogs over at SITS Saturday Sharefest, I came across It’s a Mummy’s Life and her Little Film Club.  My first thought was that I had finally found something to make me use my Flip Video camera – which is turning out to be a nightmare when I want to get the videos off the Flip and on to anything else…it takes FOREVER to convert them, upload them, etc…I have a feeling I’m doing something wrong – but anyway, I digress (because I’m really really good at it!).

So – the prompt I decided to follow was How to…basically, because that’s the question I get most often.  “How do you do it?”  While I do a lot of things every day, feeding the twins their “solid” food is one that I’m actually getting pretty good at.  Here, have a look at my Little Film Club video and see for yourself!


Now – if you would like to play along head on over to It’s a Mummy’s Life and link up on the MckLinky.  Leave me a comment, too, so I can make sure and stop by and see what you came up with! 


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