What I'm Loving Wednesday

3/02/2011 06:35:00 AM

So . . . I came across this post this morning and decided to do my own version.  I thought it would be an awesome way to share some things I'm happy about this morning!

    I cannot tell you how excited I am about my new camera that is on it's way!  I have a Kodak Easy Share right now that my aunt bought me for Christmas.  It's a really neat little camera but I've been longing to have a little more control over the pictures I am taking and hoping that I will be able to capture moments the way I'm seeing them. 

    I'm also super excited about learning how to take pictures with a DSLR - which is TOTALLY new to me!  I've been reading up on all the beginner stuff on this site which I found out about through a fellow blogger, Michelle, who just started taking pictures with a Cannon DSLR!  

    I'm still loving my Keurig and am excited about the new K Cup order I placed over at coffeecow.com!  I ordered a box of the Golden French Toast because they were talking about it on QVC on Sunday and it sold out in less than 10 minutes!   

    I'm also loving Picnik right now!  Here's some pictures I just touched up a little using the program, which I totally think is worth spending the $25 a YEAR to use!

    First RingPops

    Oh - and last but not least...I'm LOVING the sun shining today!!!  I wish it was a lot warmer but I'll take the sun any day!

    What are you loving today?

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