Ready or not . . .

3/30/2011 06:38:00 AM

Here he comes!

Nate is SUPER excited, too.  Mama?  Well, Mama is having about 100 different feelings about it.  However, I've chosen to repress most of them until later.  I mean, no use in getting all worked up about my oldest baby starting Kindergarten 6 months before it happens!  I know that the next 6 months will be busy and full of fun and fly by and I'll be faced with the day I have to actually drop him off at his classroom door and leave him but for now. . . I'm going to enjoy the fact that it's not tomorrow.

I'm also REALLY excited for him, too.  I LOVE school.  I'm almost a little jealous that he is going!  (Did I really just say that?)  I really wish I could go with him - but not so much because I don't want to leave him.  I wish I could go with him because I know how much fun he is going to have and I'd love to have fun with him! No, I'm not crazy and I'm not going to linger in the hallway on those first days. . . but I'll miss him and be SO curious about what he is doing.  Any tips on how to get him to spill the details would be greatly appreciated - I know kids aren't always the best at talking about their day.  :)

The whole registration/screening process went really smooth.  We went in and I signed him in and they whisked him away to the gym while I finished filling in papers.  Then, they brought him back out smiling and told me he did wonderful.  They gave him that nifty backpack you see up there.  It had a folder for him to take with him to school - already labeled with one side for notes to keep at home and one side for notes to return to school.  It also had a handbook for parents and a book full of pictures of the school (Nate and I LOVE this one because it gives us a look into what his day will be like!).  There were 2 pencils and a story book called, "Look Out, Kindergarten, Here I Come!"  The whole thing was really nice and made him excited about the next school year instead of scared.

I know that he is ready for this and I think that I am, too.   I'm ready to have 2 kids in school 5 days a week! Danika in 5 day preschool and Nate in Kindergarten!  2 down - 2 to go!  :)

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