What I'm Loving Wednesday

3/23/2011 06:58:00 AM

It has been a pretty good week - I'm tired, though and the weather is CrApPy!!!  I need to get moving so I can shake this feeling like I want to crawl right back into bed...so, I thought I would share some of the things that have been making me happy through What I'm Loving Wednesday - head over to this kind of love to check out some other things people are loving!

I loved having my first giveaway this past weekend!  I loved getting all of the comments and emailing the winners!  SO much fun!  :)

I am loving this:

I am also looking forward to reading the book!

I am also loving this video:

I am enjoying doing my Project Life and haven't had so many hard copies of pictures to share with family in a LONG time!  :)  I'm also taking more pictures and getting more great shots - like these:

Did you see the Super Moon?  CrAzY!

And of course - since it seems like the thing to do in What I'm Loving Wednesday - I love my hubby, Jerry:

Hope the rest of the week goes fast!  I'm already ready for the weekend!

Happy Wednesday!

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